Funny places Pokémon were found at RWS

A collection of sightings of Pokémon in weird places at Resorts World Sentosa and beyond.

At S.E.A Aquarium, we found several water-based Pokémon, including a Horsea at the Seadragon habitat looking for companions to play.

Horsea is looking for its fellow sea horse companions at S.E.A. Aquarium.

and a Squirtle trying to make friends with other marine creatures in another habitat.


After its swim in the habitat, the Squirtle decides to feast on local favourite Nasi Lemak.


Credit: @leafbite on twitter

Coincidentally, Staryu is food inspector for the day.


Other Pokémon sighting include


Credit @leafbite

This nest of Exeggcute don’t seem too please to hang out with Sesame Street friends.

pokemon-exeggcute maria
Credit: @Maria_aka_dimps


Credit: @leafbite on twitter




Someone put Magickarp out of its misery and put it back into the water.

Pokémon trainer tip: The Magickarp evolves into the magnificent Gyarados with 400 Magickarp candies.


Credit @TGIFBazaars on twitter

Jigglypuff would like to remind children not to play around monorail tracks.


Credit: @Sentosa_Island


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