Phua Chu Kang creator on new musical LIGHTSEEKER

Andrea speaks to RWScoop on the new musical, LIGHTSEEKER.
Andrea speaks to RWScoop on the new musical, LIGHTSEEKER.

A huge spectacle.

This is what patrons to the Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS) third resident show, LIGHTSEEKER, can expect, says the Resort’s Vice-president of Entertainment, Andrea Teo (above).

Opening November 24, LIGHTSEEKER tells the story of a general’s journey to secure a precious energy for his evil emperor. The 90-minute musical is also the brainchild of Andrea, who sits on the creative team as the musical’s Creative Director. The 47-year-old is a veteran in the media industry, having created popular local sitcoms like Under One Roof and Phua Chu Kang.

RWScoop asks Andrea on what the 90-minute musical is all about.

What’s the theme of this musical?

Andrea: It’s not just a story about good vs evil. The whole message behind this story is that the power of freedom is actually the power of choice. You have a choice to achieve and do the things in a way that you want to do.

We understand that you want to marry genres. What are you trying to achieve?

A: People like musicals; they are fun and very accessible. But sometimes musical can be quite long. I want to do something else. I want to do a compact musical that took the pace and storytelling of movies.

In addition to Dick Lee writing the songs, we also have Jonathan Lim (Music Director) who has composed a lot of music. Can you tell us about the sounds of this musical?

A: We set out to move away from orchestration. Normally, musicals have a lot of strings and violins, that kind of big Hans Zimmer sound. We wanted something edgy instead. For example, in place of violins we have electric guitars instead. Jonathan mashed up a lot of instruments to create new sounds.

What about the set?

Shape of things to come.
Shape of things to come.

A: It is big (laughs). There are many massive set pieces and it is a beautiful set. Kudos to our very talented set designer Patrick Larsen. His vision has taken the whole thing to another level. As this is a story about dark and light, Patrick created this dark set with glowing highlights that is completely beautiful.

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