10 Types of People You Meet at the Gym

If you’ve gained a few extra pounds from all that Lunar New Year snacking over the past couple of weeks, you’re probably heading to the gym a lot more than usual in the hope of getting back in shape. You’ve probably also started to notice patterns in the types of people you meet at the gym.

Here are 10 caricatures of gym goers we’ve identified – how many can you relate to?

1. The #fitspo runner


The #fitspo runner is one who is dead serious about cardio and runs on the treadmill while listening to music for hours on end. Chances are, the #fitspo runner will still be on the treadmill with the same grit and laser focus even after you’re done with your workout. Stand close enough and you’ll be able to hear deep, regulated breaths with every n number of purposeful strides taken. #newyearnewme

2. The avid Instagrammer


The avid Instagrammer is one who spends more time taking photos and editing captions about being in the gym than actually working out. Nothing wrong with that though, we all need a little incentive to work out – the avid Instagrammer’s just happens to come in the form of a couple hundred of likes. Typically sporting the latest in activewear trends, the avid Instagrammer is likely to be at the gym with friends who are equally into self-portraiture.

P.S. these are the strangers you should approach when you and your friends need someone to help take a group photo.

3. The catwalker


The catwalker is one who only uses the treadmill when at the gym, but refuses to run because she doesn’t want to break a sweat. Instead, her exercise comes in the form of a sultry saunter and a remarkable ability to use her phone while she’s at it.

4. The gym buff


The gym buff is all about #aesthetics and #gainz, with compound exercises like the chest press and deadlifts forming the bulk (pun intended) of his workout. Aside from the letting out grunts with every repetition, the gym buff may also be identified with a protein shake bottle by his side.

5. The college athlete


Unlike the gym buff, the college athlete’s goals are centered on performance rather than physique. The college athlete uses highly specific equipment for targeted training, and is generally oblivious to other gym users around. There is also a 90% chance that the college athlete will be in collegiate attire. Go team!

6. The clueless person


The clueless person is one who is genuinely keen on keeping fit, but has no idea what each machine is used for. There is a first time for everything for everyone, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if that’s you! If you’re not sure where to even begin, ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa has a Fit For Life Day Retreat that will benefit you in the area of proper exercise techniques, diet and overall fitness choices.

Public service announcement: inappropriate use of gym equipment may result in personal injury and damage to equipment!

7. The equipment hogger

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The equipment hogger doesn’t get up in between sets, even if there’s a line of people waiting to use the machine he’s been hogging. The equipment hogger also keeps himself entertained with his phone in between sets.

Public service announcement: if you notice other gym users waiting around you, offer to take turns with every set.

8. The serial sweater


This serial sweater is probably the hardest to identify because you’ll only be able to do so after he is done using a machine, leaving a pool of perspiration in his wake. Suspects include all who do not use a towel.

Public service announcement: please bring along a towel whenever you go to the gym – even if you don’t foresee yourself perspiring much.

9. The office worker


While the serial sweater may be hard to identify at first glance, the office worker will probably be the first person you notice at the gym. Decked in corporate attire that wasn’t made for working out, it’s likely that he’s at the gym just to vent his frustrations, or squeeze in a quick workout during his lunch break.

Public service announcement: one should always be in appropriate sporting gear when in the gym, no matter how short the workout.

10. The yogi


Anyone can put on a pair of yoga pants. But a true yogi is one who is able to hold poses you never knew were humanly possible. That, and a look of complete serenity that draws you in. Hardcore yogis may also be seen carrying their own rolled up yoga mats into the gym.

Interested in yoga? ESPA at Resorts World Sentosa has group/private yoga and other wellness classes that run on a weekly basis. Click here for more information.

Motivated to go to the gym?

Photographs for this article were taken at Resorts World Sentosa’s ESPA gym.

ESPA guests who purchase treatments 60min or longer (excluding grooming services at the nail studio) are entitled to complimentary usage of the gym alongside other facilities including the Forest Onsen-Style Pools, Rock Saunas and Crystal Steam Rooms.

ESPA guests who sign up for Day Retreats are also welcomed to join our scheduled wellness classes (QiGong, TaiChi and Yoga) in addition to complimentary usage of ESPA’s facilities.


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