[EAT] Osia’s Cooking with Friends: Chef Timothy Montgomery

Osia’s cooking philosophy is simple: fresh, seasonal and regional ingredients served in a simple dish but resulting in explosive flavours and incredible textures. Guest chef Timothy Montgomery, here for Osia’s 3rd Cooking with Friends from 26 June till 29 June 2013, shares his cooking principles and how they closely mirror that of Osia’s.

He currently helms Bacchus Restaurant in Sydney. He has cooked, served and learnt from all over Europe and Australia, and was credited with starting a new gastronomic revolution in Newcastle, Australia. This time, he brings with him a taste of Bacchus Restaurant – European infused contemporary Australian cuisine using mostly local produce. We speak to chef Tim for a better understanding of his influences and inspirations.

What is your food philosophy?

It is largely based on seasonality and to celebrate local produce from the Newcastle’s Hunter Valley region. I also like food to take reference from rich culture and vast history which will ignite fond memories and imagination of people.

What inspires you and the food you serve?

I am inspired to discover new and interesting local produce, techniques and also constantly learning about various cultures and the ingredients used by the local aboriginal people of our area. The ways they approach cooking inspire me and make me want to be an even better chef day after day.

If you are to use a local ingredient, what would it be?

One local ingredient is the skate (stingray to Singaporeans). Most of the ingredients I am using in my menu here are derived from things I would use in Australia, but I am keeping an open mind to the seasonality of the local produce as I find such experiments fascinating.

What are the dishes that you’d like to recommend to our readers from your menu?

It is probably the Pork Knuckles, Black Eyes and Broken Cheeks. It plays on the ingredients used to prepare this dish. I serve this signature dish in my restaurant as Newcastle is known to be a ‘rough’ town and I am a boxing fanatic, so it fits there too.

The other dish I thought you should try is the Australian Lamb. This dish is a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, making it texturally very interesting.

Is this your first time here?

I have been to Singapore several times, but have never had the opportunity to stay for more than a few days. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about Singapore, visit various restaurants such as Joël Robuchon Restaurant and to learn a little bit more about the culture here.

Last question. What is one dish that you’d like to try here?

It’s tough for me to choose one because there are just so many! I have heard of the traditional fish head curry which I hope to try this time round and the kaya toast is something that interests me as well since we don’t have this in Australia. I also can’t wait to try the hawker fare in Singapore.

Try his cuisine: walk in to Osia for his special set lunch and dinner and ala-carte menus from 26- 29 June (Wednesday to Saturday).

Learn from the master: sign up for Chef Timothy’s master class on 29 June (Saturday), which includes a 4-course set lunch. $110++ per person.

For more information: call 6577 6688 or 6577 6560


Masterclass with Chef Tim Montgomery

29th June 2013 Saturday

Lunch at 12.00pm followed by Cooking Demo at 2.30pm


 “Salade Gourmande” of Duck

Quail’s Egg, Duck Ham and Bitter Leaves


 Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté


Raviolo of Soft Yolk

Truffle, Potato, Asparagus


 Chocolate Marquise

Salted Caramel, Dark Malt Ice Cream

  Coffee Or Tea




Cooking with Friends”

Featuring Chef Tim Montgomery and Chef Scott Webster


Mud Crab

Celeriac Remoulade, Tuna Belly, Pickles 


Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté

Sea Urchin, Lardo, Rye


Foie Gras

Rhubarb, Beet, Riberry



Bone Marrow, Horseradish, Lemon, Spinach


Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Neck

Orange Tamarind Confiture, Parsnip Mint Purée, Puffed Grains ‘Bacon Mustard’


Peach Melba
Peach, Vanilla, Raspberry & Jasmine

Coffee Or Tea

4 Course – $145++

5 Course – $165++




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