Osia’s Hot Valrhona Chocolate Soup with Black Peppered Ice Cream

Australian celebrity chef Scott Webster created the Hot Valrhona Chocolate Soup with Black Peppered Ice Cream many years ago when he first set up Osia in London and it was a big hit.

Bringing it to our tropical shores is our good fortune and his, because people just cannot get enough of it. Some have labeled it orgasmic and others drool at the sound of it. Whatever the case, perhaps you choc fanatics can try to recreate it at home. If that fails, there’s always at Osia, a stone’s throw away at Resorts World Sentosa.


Chocolate Mix

–          140 gm of unsalted butter

–          100 gm of milk chocolate, valrhona jivara

–          50 gm of dark chocolate, valrhona manjari

–          80 gm of cocoa powder

Mix 1

–          80 gm of honey

–          80 gm of egg yolk

–          130 gm of crème fraiche

–          100 gm white sugar (1)


Mix 2

–          120 gm egg white

–          100 gm white sugar (2)


–          In a mixing bowl, combine the butter, cocoa powder, dark chocolate and milk chocolate and melt over a water bath.

–          In another mixing bowl, combine mix 1 and mix into a paste.

–          Add mix 1 into the chocolate mix

–          Add mix 2 into a mixer and whip until it turns into a meringue form

–          Fold mix 2 into the pre mix 2 and chocolate mix

–          Scoop into small bowl and bake in pre-heat oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 5 min


Black Peppered Ice Cream


–          250 ml of U.H.T milk

–          50 ml of whipping cream

–          50 gm of white sugar

–          0.5 pc of vanilla pod

–          2 pc of egg yolk

–          5 gm of black pepper, milled

–          1.6 gm of stabilizer

–          12.5 gm of glucose


–          In a pot, combine the milk, cream and vanilla seed to boil until 40 degrees Celsius

–          Add in the stabilizer and glucose and continue to let it boil until 45 degrees Celsius

–          Add in the egg yolk and sugar and continue to let it boil until 8 degrees Celsiuis

–          Add in the black pepper into the finished mixture

–          Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and let it churn until it reaches an ice-cream consistency

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