‘Oscar’s Grouchmas’: New Live Christmas Show At Universal Studios Singapore

Is it possible to hate Christmas? Till 1 January 2018, head over to Pantages Hollywood Theater at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for a brand new live Christmas show, Oscar’s Grouchmas, where our friends at Sesame Street prove that no one – not even Oscar the Grouch – can hate the season of giving, kindness, love and friendship.

The Plot

The story starts off outside Sesame Street Library where everyone’s decked out in winter wear, full of the Christmas spirit as they light up the Street.

Christmas spirit? Yuck!

Well, all except Oscar. In fact, Oscar dislikes Christmas so much, he exclaims he wishes there’ll be termites on the Christmas tree, just as he knocks over presents and tears down decorations (comically changing ‘NOEL’ to ‘NO’).

Things then take a turn for the worse as Bert’s drum, Big Bird’s portrait and Abby’s wand all get broken by accident. Adding to the misery, the IBON (International Bureau of Nice) arrives from the North Pole, regrettably informing everyone that the ‘Nice’ list has been lost, which means that no one will be getting presents this year.

Everyone starts to get grouchy, and Oscar can’t seem to solve the mystery: if a grouchy Christmas (Grouchmas) is what he has always wanted, why doesn’t he feel happy about it?

Will Oscar do anything to turn things around? Will the ‘Nice’ list be found? Will Christmas still go on?


As we’ve come to expect of most live shows at USS, Oscar’s Grouchmas delivers original musical numbers that the audience can groove along to. It even has kid-friendly Rock n’ Roll renditions of all-time favourites like Jingle Bells that everyone can sing and clap along to.

While Oscar’s Grouchmas lacks the audience interaction that was a highlight in Trick or Treat, Grouchmas definitely makes up for it with its witty banter and *ba dum tss* moments that both the young and young at heart will get a good laugh out of.

Spoiler alert: the show ends off with a big finish – multiple pops of the confetti canon. This excited all the kids around me, many of whom got up from their seats to catch the ‘snow’. Some were even seen eagerly picking up streamers while making their way out of the Theater. Needless to say, this is a definite must-watch for families with young children.

Even as an adult, I left Pantages Hollywood Theater with a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach – the kind you only get around this time of year. In sum, Oscar’s Grouchmas is an all-round feel-good holiday production not just for kids, but for all who wish to soak in the Christmas spirit.

Come celebrate Christmas with us

Oscar’s Grouchmas will be showing at Universal Studios Singapore’s Pantages Hollywood Theater till 1 January 2018.

Show Timings
– 25 Nov to 30 Nov 2017: 12:15pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm, 6:30pm
– 1 Dec 2017 to 1 Jan 2018: 1pm, 4pm, 6:30pm, 8:30pm

Enjoy Oscar’s Grouchmas at no extra charge when you purchase your ticket to Universal Studios Singapore.

A Universal Christmas @ Universal Studios Singapore
Annual Pass Adult: S$169 (includes limited edition EZ-Link card)
Child: S$142
Season Pass Adult: S$88
Child: S$79
One-Day Ticket Adult: S$76 (includes S$5 retail voucher)
Child: S$56
One-Day Ticket
(Singapore Residents only)
Adult: S$72 (includes S$5 retail voucher)
Child: S$53
MasterCard Exclusive Special  Adult: S$188
Child: S$158

  • One (1) Universal Studios Singapore Adult Season Pass
  • One (1) Exclusive Program With Four VIP Experiences
  • One (1) Christmas Gift
  • One (1) Festive Buffet Dinner
  • Exclusive meet-and-greet + photo sessions with selected characters
After 5pm Admission Adult: S$55
Child: S$50
Adult + Child After 5pm Bundle S$98
MasterCard Special: One-Day Ticket
(Min. 2 to go)
S$68 (includes limited edition EZ-Link card)


Members enjoy 3% rebates.

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