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under the Tree Top Lofts at RWS

When I first heard about the TreeTop Lofts, I immediately imagined the hastily put-together, slightly ramshackle tree houses of early childhood stories. Of course, I knew this wouldn’t be the case; after all, the Lofts are set to deliver a 5-star “back to nature” experience.

While there is something charming about climbing onto a rickety tree house (complete with ladders made of leftover planks) the real Lofts blew all thoughts of shabby versions right out of the water.

aerial view of Tree Top Loft at RWS

Nestled in the lush forests off the Western zone of the resort, the TreeTop Lofts are the epitome of modern living set within nature, blending harmoniously with the rare and heritage trees that can be found in the vicinity. If you’re worried that the natural quiet would be spoiled by the influx of Loft guests, then take comfort in the fact that there are only two such unique lofts; Angsana and Tembusu.

Apart from exclusivity, the small number also means more space and more privacy, which means a higher chance of catching a glimpse of the natural wildlife in the area. If you’re a nature photography buff this will be the perfect elevated stake out spot. Come sunset, enjoy the panoramic views of Mount Faber to the north and the forests of Sentosa to the South.

terrace area at the Tree Top Lofts at RWS

Standing at a height of 7 and 12 metres respectively, the architecture of the Angsana and Tembusu lofts were conceived as “log cabins in the sky”. Perched on four thick columns (1.3 meters in diameter!) the ascension to the lofts lends a surreal feel: imagine being a bird perched in its nest in the forest. It’s easy to forget that you’re barely minutes away from the excitement of the Resort and a small stretch of sea away from main land Singapore.

And that’s what the TreeTop Lofts aim to achieve: the feeling of a getaway, an escape from the concrete jungle. Of course, this escape comes with creature comforts, like personalized butler service and luxurious hotel amenities.

bedroom at Tree Top Lofts at RWS

The interior of the lofts are spread over 73 square meters, consisting of the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom. But the main draw is the surrounding outdoor terrace area, all 90 square meters of it. The idyllic setting makes you feel like lounging outside all day, from dawn to dusk.  After all, being in a tree top loft is all about immersing yourself in the natural environment.

Imagine kicking back with a cup of tea or a tall cold drink whilst listening to the sounds of the forest. The forests of Sentosa could very well be the fictional Shangri-La, place of perfect bliss that James Hilton wrote about in his 1933 novel Lost Horizon.

Interior of Tree Top Loft at RWS - Living Room

Inside, the high wooden ceiling structures add to the loftiness (no pun intended) of the place. At 5 to 6 metres high, it’s almost double the height of most HDB ceilings, and when you sink into the cushions of the couch and prop your feet up, the high rafters take away the usual oppressive feeling of the low ceilings of the buildings we are so used to.

Tree Top Lofts at RWS

To make reservations for TreeTop Loft, book online, email reservations@rwsentosa.com. Visit RWSentosa.com for more information on the room amenities of TreeTop Loft.

If you still want to stay with nature without being in the treetops, check out our Beach Villas or the Equarius Hotel.

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