4 New Year resolutions you can definitely fulfill

Lose weight, run a marathon, learn a musical instrument. Let’s face it, 365 days after making a New Year resolution, it usually remains as that: a resolution.

This year, instead of dreaming big, think small and start small with the everyday things in life. After all, it’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Resolution #1: More offline, less online

Quit romancing your phone and computer. Time to go offline more often and live a real life.

Instead of liking a picture of someone taking a roller-coaster, go ride one yourself. In the case of Battlestar Galatica: Human vs. Cylon (due to re-open in early 2015), you can take not one but two different coasters for double bragging rights.


Read about these highly anticipated rides.

Resolution #2: Cut down on selfies

There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies but how often do we need to remind the world how we look like? Instead, why not take some genuinely original shots? You can do just that at Trick Eye Museum.


Here’s your guide to taking the best shots at the museum. We guarantee it’s a lot more fun than just taking pictures of yourself. Guarantee plus chop.

Resolution #3: Spend more time with family

Most of us are guilty of spending too much time at work, with friends, or in front of the computer than with our family.

Block out one day every week, or a few hours over the weekend just for your loved ones. Food is always great for bonding. If you’re clueless about what to eat, there are plenty of great dining options and monthly value deals all around Resorts World Sentosa.

RWS dining

And please, no messaging or candy crushing at the table.

Resolution #4: Stop procrastinating

Procrastination kills the best intention. If there’s something you know you must do, remember these three words: just do it.

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What are your New Year resolutions? Share with us below!

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