New head chefs at Robuchon’s Singapore restaurants

The world’s most starred chef Joël Robuchon introduced 35-year-old Kim Joinié-Maurin and 26-year-old Vianney Massot as new head chefs for Joël Robuchon Restaurant and L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon respectively, on 9 November during his one week visit to Resorts World Sentosa.

Robuchon introducing two new head chefs
“The two new chefs are young but very skilled. I really trust them.” – Joël Robuchon (centre) with his chefs Kim Joinié-Maurin (left) and Vianney Massot

The Robuchon legacy

Speaking at an exclusive media cocktail reception, Robuchon expressed how he felt Chef Kim was ready for the position two years ago, but told him to be patient and wait for an opportunity to open up.

Chef Kim
Chef Kim has been with the Joël Robuchon group since 2006, and was with the Joël Robuchon Restaurant at RWS since its opening in 2011.

Part of Robuchon group’s culture is to have its chefs grow their experience at its many different restaurants around the world, where they can learn the country’s culture, produce and culinary techniques. For this reason, outgoing Executive Chef Michael Michaelidis will be heading to Le Chateau de Joël Robuchon in Tokyo, making way for Sous Chef Kim to take his place as the new head chef of Joël Robuchon Restaurant at RWS.

Chef Vianney
Having joined the Joël Robuchon group at the tender age of 18, Chef Vianney is described by Robuchon as akin to being his ‘baby’.

Robuchon was also full of praise for his young protégé Chef Vianney:

“He’s really picked up my spirit – he’s ambitious and a hard worker. I found out he used to come in at 6am instead of 9am because he wanted to do his job well. He’s very conscientious.”

The appointments of both Chef Kim and Chef Vianney thus reflect Robuchon’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of chefs, and his belief in leadership succession within the Joël Robuchon group.

The Robuchon DNA

Chef Vianney in action

When asked how much space the newly-appointed head chefs would have to explore given the group’s strong identity, Robuchon answered confidently,

“They have all the liberty to express themselves. But the (Robuchon) DNA is so strong in them that their techniques – after following me for so many years – are similar to mine, you won’t be able to taste the difference.”

Simply put, guests can expect the quintessential Joël Robuchon experience that has amazed diners all over the world. One which has earned Joël Robuchon Restaurant and L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 3 and 2 Michelin Stars for the past two years.

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