[Insights] New drying pods at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

The Dino’s are back! We’re not talking about time travel here. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is back and we can expect lots of wet folks again! While we can’t guarantee a dry seat on the raft, Universal Studios Singapore has brought in special equipment that that will blow you away.

A Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Hay Stack Dryer

Introducing the drying pods!

These family-sized, full body dryers can be found in other theme parks around the world but Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is the first in the region to have them.

Two Haystack dryers for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Up to four guests can step into the chamber at one time to dry off. The drying pods use a combination of heat and wind to get as much water off guests as possible. You won’t be dry as the Sahara after stepping into one of these pods but you will definitely not be dripping all over the park!

So the next time you’re in USS, give the drying pods a go. After you’re drier, don’t miss out on a new photo opportunity -a fearsome T-Rex all ready to attack.

T-Rex eating a person at USS
Practice your ‘dead-meat’ pose for maximum impact.


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