New aerial combat act on Voyage de la Vie

They chose to join the cast of Voyage de la Vie over competing in the finals on Ukraine’s Got Talent. Find out what Oleg and Artem have to say.

Their sculpted bodies will elicit squeals of delight from the ladies and stares of envy from the men. The latest performers to join the Voyage de la Vie cast—Artem, 23, and Oleg, 21, have won numerous medals in the world of gymnastics. Despite their accolades, the boys are modest and down-to-earth.

They’ve only been performing as a duo for a year but known each other since they were six. Ukraine born and bred, they’ve trained under the same gymnastic coach, moved in similar social circles and joined various circus troupes for performances abroad.

It’s not surprising that they’re thick as brothers and Artem, who’s well-versed in English, took on the interview graciously.

Artem (left) and Oleg (right) during one of their rehearsals

Tania H: What is your most memorable experience?

Artem/Oleg: Both Oleg and I represented Ukraine to compete in international gymnastics competitions and we’re really proud of our achievements. But the most memorable experience for us was when we got into the finals of Ukraine’s Got Talent. It was coincidental that we were invited to join the cast of Voyage de la Vie and had to give up the competition.

Tania H: Why did you choose to join Voyage de la Vie?

Artem/Oleg: We found out that famous circus artists, Viktor Kee and Aurelia Cats are on the cast, so of course we couldn’t let go of this great opportunity to perform with them on the same stage.

Tania H: In between the tough training and rope burns, what do you like most about your job?

Artem/Oleg: We enjoy the feeling of being on stage and the adrenalin rush of performing in front of an audience.

Tania H: Name your biggest challenge.

Artem/Oleg: Gymnastics is very hard work. Sometimes it’s time to go on stage but because we train so hard to achieve perfection, the body is exhausted. It’s a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Tania H: Have you suffered serious injuries in your line of work?

Artem: I dislocated my shoulder years ago when I lost grip in the air and fell to the ground. Oleg broke his wrist once.

Tania H: Tell us what you think of Singapore.

Artem/Oleg: We were at the National Day Parade and it was amazing! The way you celebrate national day here is quite different from how we do it in Ukraine so that was fun for us. It also helps that Singapore has a lot of meat dishes like chicken rice which we need in our diet. But we stay away from spicy food.

Tania H: Do you have a favourite country?

Artem: I’ve travelled to France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and many others for a few months each time for various performances. But my favourite is still Ukraine, my home country.

Tania H: If I were to visit Ukraine, where must I go and what must I try?

Artem: You must visit Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It’s a charming old city. As for food, you must try our traditional borscht that is a deep red beetroot and cabbage soup, as well as Russian vodka!

And here’s some snippets of the act we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure:

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