Making music in GE TAI – The Musical

In slang, you’d say “same same, but different”.

Placed next to one another, getai (Chinese for song stage) and musicals may share a common art form–performers singing on stage, but that may be where similarities end. Location, presentation and story (or lack of it) all play a part in making one form distinct from the other.

For GE TAI – The Musical, an ambitious attempt at marrying both camps, the musical direction falls on Elaine Chan. Best known for her LTA jingle Love Your Ride, she takes recognisable getai classics such as 爱拼才会赢 (No Pain, No Gain) and 欢喜就好 (As Long As You’re Happy) to help tell the story of an aspiring getai artist trying to fit in. Opportunities abound for dramatisation, which she uses to good effect.

getai the musical

A scene from the musical has our protagonist being pushed aside to make way for a bigger star. The performer in the background sings Samuel Hui’s melancholic From 郎子心声 (the Heart of a Loafer), which tells how hard it is to trust others.

There are also three songs unique to this musical, penned by songwriter Jiu Jian (who also plays a role in the musical!). One of the songs, 谁的梦在天上飞 (Whose Dream It Is In the Sky?), has a solo and duo rendition by the co-leads of the show (getai stars Hao Hao and Desmond Ng).

These songs are available for download. Take a listen and let us know if they are indeed “same same, but different”.


GE TAI – The Musical song  download, lyrics

[DOWNLOAD] Hao Hao solo version: 谁的梦在天上飞 皓皓独唱版 – 下载

[DOWNLOAD] Hao Hao and Desmond Ng duet version: 谁的梦在天上飞 黄振隆+皓皓合唱版 – 下载


Stream: 谁的梦在天上飞 Hao Hao solo version

Stream: 谁的梦在天上飞 Hao Hao + Desmond Ng duet version

谁的梦在天上飞 歌词

心里还有梦 华丽背后沉默
台前风光 幕后苍凉
人前欢笑 转身惆怅
天若有情 她会知道
还有人在等 深夜到天亮

我的梦在哪里 谁来陪我一起追
我的泪 无所谓
有梦的人不怕跌倒 等待也是美


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Date: 20 April – 29 May
Time: Fri: 8pm; Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm (Except 28 May, Sat: 4pm & 8pm)
Venue: Resorts World Theatre
Price*: VIP: S$98, CAT 1: S$88, CAT 2: S$68, CAT3: S$48, CAT 4: S$38#
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