Ann Kok, Pierre Png take on Mulan The Musical

From left: Ann Kok who plays Mulan's sister Mulian and Pierre Png who plays the Army Head.
From left: Ann Kok who plays Mulan’s sister Mulian and Pierre Png who plays the Army Head.

Mulan The Musical retells the story of Mulan, a filial daughter who pretended to be a man in the army to take the place of her father. Instead of the usual story, the Mulan here is reluctant to take up the duty. Expect laughter and music as we follow her misadventures.

Coming from its hit premiere in Taiwan, this Chinese romantic-comedy musical will make its overseas debut at Resorts World Theatre, from 16 December 2016 to 5 February 2017. Local actress Ann Kok and Mediacorp artiste Pierre Png join the majority-Taiwanese cast for the Singapore show.

We got in touch with Ann and Pierre, who are rehearsing with the cast for 28 days in Taiwan.

What made you decide to play a part in Mulan?

Ann: It’s a musical with a fun and surprising plot. Plus, I get the chance to working with different people.

Pierre: Well, I’ve always respected stage actors and I totally enjoyed myself doing PCK the musical. So when I was approached with the idea of doing one in Mandarin, I thought, “Why not?”

Pierre Png (Centre) as the Army Head of Mulan's regiment.
Pierre Png (Centre) as the Army Head of Mulan’s regiment.

Tell us about your character.

Ann: I play Mulan’s sister Mulian. It’s a funny role as she’s very flirtatious.

Pierre: I play the Army Head or Captain, in the Chinese Army. I have four other Lieutenants under me. We report to the General and train Mulan together with the other villagers to become soldiers in our fight against the invading Turks.

Mulan's flirtatious sister Mulian.
Mulan’s flirtatious sister Mulian.

What’s the biggest challenge for you in this show?

Ann: The fact that it’s a musical is the biggest challenge for me. There’re so many things to learn.

Pierre: There are many challenges – the language, new environment, new actors, good food. LOL!
Fortunately, everyone has been really encouraging and helpful in making my 28 days in Taipei a fun and enjoyable one.

Mulan the Musical in Singapore

How are you training for your role?

Ann: I rehearse with the troupe for five to six days a week. In the rehearsals, I practise acting, blocking, singing and learning how to project myself so that the audience can hear me clearly.

Pierre: I’m rehearsing nine hours for five days a week.


We should watch the show because…

Ann: The musical stars Ann Kok and Pierre Png! It is entertaining with many funny characters, songs that will be stuck in your head and scenes that will touch your heart.

Pierre: Mulan The Musical is a story of self-discovery. It teaches us to persevere and to go against the wind to soar to greater heights–like a kite.

Ann Kok Mulan The Muslcal
All happy family are alike? Ann (Far right) as Mulan’s elder sister Mulian.

Catch Ann and Pierre in their first Mandarin musical when Mulan the Musical opens at Resorts World Theatre from 16 December 2016 to 5 February 2017 (selected nights).

Tickets from $38 to $128 (excluding booking charges). Get them at SISTIC or Resorts World Theatre.

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