Feng Shui Inn’s Baked Ginseng Custard Paste Mooncake: one of the best mooncakes to give to relatives in 2018

2018 RWS Mooncake

Mid-Autumn Festival/Mooncake Festival is just around the corner – mooncakes galore, yes please. Then you recall your New Year’s Resolution. Something about eating clean to keep in shape *anti-climactic despondence ensues*. Fret not, Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS’s) Feng Shui Inn is here to save Mooncake Festival 2018! Its new and innovative Baked Ginseng Custard Paste Mooncake is low in sugar and has multiple health benefits, while retaining the all-too-familiar comforting flavour of mooncakes, making it one of the best mooncakes to give to relatives in 2018.

Crisp, handmade crust

In order to create a mooncake that is unique while still bearing a strong semblance to the traditional mooncake, Feng Shui Inn’s Executive Chef Li Kwok Kwong decided to make use of crispy handmade crust for this year’s signature mooncake.

Handmade using custard powder, milk powder, eggs and butter, this crisp, flaky crust is reminiscent of Taiwan’s iconic Sun Cake (Tai Yang Bing).

Lotus, custard, ginseng and chocolate filling (reduced sugar!)

Top grade American ginseng (which Chef Li tells us costs S$250 for 500g; each box of mooncakes contains approximately 40g) is first ground into a fine powder before it is mixed into a ‘reduced sugar’ white lotus and custard paste. Finally, crunchy chocolate pearls are thrown into the mix for variety in texture.

I know what you’re thinking: ginseng and chocolate isn’t exactly a combination you hear of everyday. I thought so too, which is why I was pleasantly surprised by how the lotus, custard and chocolate each brings a different kind of (light) sweetness and depth of flavour that come together so agreeably with every bite.

One of the best mooncakes to give to relatives in 2018

The result? A treat that isn’t too dense nor ‘jelak’ like most mooncakes tend to get. This is coupled by several health benefits of American ginseng that include the reduction of body heat, increase in energy and concentration levels as well as improving overall bodily wellness. And it isn’t just the adults who will enjoy it – kids will like it too because of the crunchy chocolate pearls.

Treat your relatives today

Feng Shui Inn’s Baked Ginseng Custard Paste Mooncake
6 premium pieces for S$78
Sales end 24 September 2018
Pre-orders of at least 3 days in advance are required (pre-orders end 21 September 2018)


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