What your mooncake says about you: The Mooncake Oracle

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Apart from announcing the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, do you know that mooncakes also spill the beans on your personality?

Here’s an unscientific guide to finding your mooncake personality match.

Pure Lotus Paste Mooncake

pure lotus mooncake
You are a tough cookie with the willpower of a monk. If you’re not already a vegetarian, you will likely join the herbivoral club in the near future. You share Da Vinci’s philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You’d rather order a homely Kopi O (black coffee) than a chichi Caffè Americano. Some may see you as a perfectionist but to you, life is nothing without discipline and perseverance. You have a high chance of achieving Nirvana.

Lotus Paste with Yolk Mooncake

You have a mind of your own and don’t give two hoots about what others think.

They call eggs cholesterol-raising demons but you see them as the BFF you can’t live without. You need their company everywhere.

In your sandwich, your nasi lemak, and even in your MILO. A four-yolk mooncake is your ultimate food porn. Your life motto can be seen at the end of your Facebook or Twitter comments. #YOLO

Assorted Nuts Mooncake (or Ng Yan which means “five types of nuts” in Cantonese)

Ng Yan mooncake
Your body is your temple. While you can’t resist the annual pilgrimage to mooncake heaven, you make it worth the calories, with what else but healthy nuts.

Instead of shopping and movies, you prefer to chalk up mileage in your jogging shoes or stretch your limits in the yoga studio. You can differentiate between Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2, and likely have a yoga ball for a chair. The word “organic” makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

Red Bean Mooncake

red bean mooncake
Tough on the outside but the ultimate softie on the inside. You have a soft spot for four-legged furballs and sweet nothings.

Every time you see an elderly selling tissue, you hand him a $1 coin without taking a single pack. Soap operas are chicken soup for your soul.

No matter how full you are, there’s always room for desserts: the sweeter the merrier. If Chocolate is a country, you’d migrate there in a heartbeat.

Anything quaint or exotic

Adventure is your middle name and the word ‘boring’ makes your skin crawl.

You prefer Etsy to Ebay due to your deep appreciation for anything artisanal or handmade.

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