5 tips to win MONOPOLY

How to win monopoly World Monopoly day

The real-estate board game MONOPOLY celebrates its 81st anniversary this year on 19 March. The day is also known as MONOPOLY Day.

To celebrate the occasion, we gather a few strategies to help you increase your chances at winning the game. You’ll still need luck on your side for the dice to roll in your favour but knowing these tips can help. Warning, you might lose a few friends in the process because of your ruthlessness.

  1. Start buying property immediately

You should start buying property as soon as you can. The popular “rule” that you can only start buying property after the second round is not official. Buying property means you can charge rent when other players land on the square you own.

Here’s another not well-known rule that can work in your favour: If a player decides not to buy the land he/she lands on, the land is available for auction to the highest bidder (including the player who landed on it the first place).

Use this strategy when you land on an expensive property, you might be able to pick up property at a discounted price if your opponents do not have enough cash to buy the land.

  1. Keep some cash around

Buying property helps with rent collection but don’t go overboard. Keep some cash in case you have to pay a large rent. Without cash, you’ll have to sell your property back to the bank at half price.

  1. Get a Monopoly by buying or trading properties in the same colour

In the game, you have a “monopoly” when you own all properties of a colour group. The rent on these will double, making it a lucrative business.

Although you cannot borrow money from other players or give away your properties, you can exchange properties (that do not include contain buildings), cash or “Get Out of Jail Free” cards with others. Try to trade your properties so you reach a Monopoly faster.

  1. Hide your money

The goal of the game is to make other players go bankrupt. By hiding your money, your opponents won’t know how much money you still have.

  1. Stay in jail in the later rounds

Staying in jail might not be a bad thing depending on when you are in the game. In the beginning, get out of jail early so you can buy more property. Later, stay in jail as long as you can to avoid paying rent. You can still collect rent while in jail.


Use these Monopoly strategies wisely and you may end up the Donald Trump of your circle of friends.

Mr Monopoly


[Update 20 March] We set a new Guinness World Record!

Guinness World Records most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue.
On 19 March, 605 participants gathered at New York and Sci-Fi City zones of Universal Studios Singapore to play Monopoly. We managed to break the Guinness World Records title for the most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue at 11.16am.

The previous record of 585 participants was set on 14 Dec 2015 by Wycombe Abbey School in the United Kingdom.

monopoly day zones

monopoly day uss

Thank you to all those who came down to support the event.

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