4 fun facts about Minion mooncakes

13 Sep update
Limited time promo: The Minion Mooncakes are now $39 nett. While stocks last.

minion mooncake

What’s round, sweet and adorable? Minion mooncakes!

Just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival, Minion-themed mooncakes are available exclusively at Universal Studios Singapore from 1 August to 15 September. Each box is at $58 and comes with four Minion mooncakes and a lantern.


Curious? Check out these four trivia about the Minion mooncake.

  1. Four different Minions, four different flavours

Minion Mooncakes
Minion Mooncakes. From left: Carl, Tom, Dave, and Stuart.

No more boring mooncakes of the same flavours in a box. You get four different flavours of mooncakes, each embossed with the face of different Minions.

Tom, Carl and Stuart are on the mooncakes with Matcha, Pandan, and Red Bean flavours. The fourth mooncake features Dave and comes in a special flavour. Read on to find out.


  1. Going bananas

Have you guessed what the special flavour is? Dave is the face of the banana-flavoured mooncake. The perfect flavour for the banana-crazed Minions.

What does it taste like? The lotus paste filling is banana flavoured and has tiny bits of the fruits.

For those with allergies, please note that the mooncakes contain peanut, sesame seed, egg, and wheat flour.


  1. The mooncakes are quite sizable

minion mooncake size

While the Minions are tiny compared to regular adults, the mooncakes are regular sized with a diameter of 10cm and a height of 5cm.

Hurray, more mooncakes to go around for sharing


  1. The only place you can buy them is at Universal Studios Singapore

minion mooncake stall hollywood china

You can get them at Universal Studios Singapore at the Minion mooncake kiosk outside Hollywood China Bistro and at Minion Mart. If you don’t have a day pass to USS, you can get it outside of the Park at That’s A Wrap souvenir shop too.


Bonus Minion lantern

minion lantern

Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without lanterns. You get a Minion lantern along with a set of mooncakes.


Get your Minion mooncake set at S$58 before they’re all sold out.

minion mooncake box

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  • Available from 1 August to 15 September 2016 while stocks last.
  • Available only during park operating hours.
  • Universal Studios Singapore theme park admission is required.
  • RWS Invites Attractions Card must be presented upon payment.
  • RWS Invites Programme Terms and Conditions apply.
[Update 29-8: Minion mooncake is available at That’s A Wrap. This blogpost has been updated to reflect this.]
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