Jump on the Minion food adventure

Love the Minions so much that you can’t resist hoarding, holding and… eating them? Now you actually can! Try these limited-edition Minion treats at Universal Studios Singapore which are available only until the end of November.

Minion Food Adventure Universal Studios Singapore

Minion Buns

at Hollywood China Bistro

Be careful when you bite into these Minion Buns ($6.50 each). Things can get messy as they’re filled with oozing salted egg yolk lava and banana custard.

They are available only at Hollywood China Bistro, making this a perfect finish to your meal at Universal Studios Singapore’s only Chinese restaurant. Walk-in takeaways are welcome.

Minion Food Adventure USS

Minion Soft Serve and Sundae

at Mel’s Drive-In

Cool down from the heat with these two frozen Minion treats which come with banana-flavoured soft serve ice cream and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

What’s the difference? The Minion Sundae ($5) comes in a cup while Minion Soft Serve ($3.50) comes in a cone.

Minion Chocolate Cupcakes

at Mel’s Drive-In

Minion cupcakes are back! Last seen during Christmas, these Minion Chocolate Cupcakes (each at $5.90) come in four individual designs.

Pick your favourite Minion or all four of them.

Minion Cupcakes from Universal Studios Singapore

These four limited-edition desserts are part of the Minion Food Adventure, available until 30 November 2016. So what’s the “adventure”? Figuring out how to fill all of them into our stomachs.

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