Meeting the stars of Sinaran: The Movie

Filming of Sinaran the Movie in progress

The film crew of Sinaran: The Movie were in Resorts World Sentosa’s S.E.A. Aquarium recently to film some scenes in the upcoming Malay musical-dance movie.

Directed by Osman Ali, Sinaran: The Movie is set against the music of popular Malaysian diva Sheila Majid. It’s about how college freshman, Shila, learns about life and love in the face of challenges.

Malaysian superstar Sheila Majid has a role in the movie, acting as (who else?) Sheila Majid.

Besides Sheila Majid, the film features a multinational cast with actors and actresses from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Malaysian Lisa Surihanie and Indonesian Evan Sanders play the leading roles. Other notable names in the cast include Izara Aishah and Nadiah M Din.

The movie is still in production with plans to release in December 2014 in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Interview with the stars of Sinaran: The Movie

RWScoop caught up with the two leads for a quick chat about their role in the movie.

Sinaran: The Movie at SEA Aquarium

From left: Director Osman Ali, leading actress Lisa Surihani, leading actor Evan Sanders

Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani plays the leading female character Shila. Her character is a college student who is a fan of Malaysian singer Sheila Majid.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge in playing this role?

Lisa: Each job that I’m offered has its challenges. Shila in Sinaran is an engineering student who is passionate about poetry. These are two sides that I’m not very familiar with.

I do see similarities between Shila and myself but there are many layers to the character that are different from me too.

Q: This is a musical-dance movie. How different is it from the regular films that you have acted in?

Since this is a musical, the characters live in a musical world. This is a new way of acting for me. We haven’t started filming those parts yet so I’m not sure how difficult it will be.

Working the director Osman is great because he helps us with internalising our characters. Osman’s help is not limited to the actors themselves but also with building the chemistry between co-stars.

Evan Sanders stars in Sinaran: The Movie

Indonesian actor Evan Sanders plays the leading male character Andre, a graduating Indonesian college student who aspires to be a TV producer.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge in playing this role?

Evan: Basically, for the role, I need to act like I’m young and still in college.

People might joke that I look that young. (Laughs) But I need to bring out a character that people can believe.

Q: The film has actors and actresses from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Did you have to use multiple languages in the movie?

Evan: Yes, in the movie, everyone uses their own language and English. For example, I use Indonesian and English while Lisa uses Bahasa Malaysia and English. The Singapore actors and actresses use Malay and English.

There are words in Indonesian or Malay that are kind of difficult to understand to the different language speakers so we will use English then. It’s like a trilingual movie and we’re trying to bridge all languages in the film.

[Correction April 17, 2014: The post previously stated that Histam Hamid and Eerwin Dawson were part of the cast. They are not.]

Sinaran: The Movie is set to release in December 2014. Stay tuned to RWScoop for more news of the filming.

RWScoop will be meeting the rest of the cast soon when they come back for another filiming session.

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