Meet the Fitness Guru

With a passion for sports since he was young, Faizal Husaini now helps others stay on the healthy track as ESPA’s senior fitness trainer. Being fit and healthy doesn’t just keep diseases at bay but also allows you to enjoy more from life. Faizal Husaini shares some tips for you to get in shape.

Faizal Husaini

Can you tell us about your job?
My job involves managing a gym together with a team of professional trainers, as well as looking into the progression and development of each individual trainer. This ensures that every guest who comes receives professional treatment and is satisfied with our services. And I get to do it in a place with tropical surroundings where frogs drop by to visit on occasion.

What do you enjoy about it most?
It is most rewarding when guests are able to have a ‘WOW’ moment when they realise they have the potential to change and the ability to achieve their health and wellness dreams.

How did your passion for physical wellness begin?
It started back when I was in school and actively participating in various sporting activities. Since then, I have constantly been trying to improve myself both physically and mentally, and being a fitness trainer has allowed me to meet those goals.

Since gaining my certification from the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer, I have taken up muay thai kickboxing and gained my yoga instructor certification to broaden my understanding of the fitness industry.

Which fitness activity is your favourite?
I have been exposed to many different fitness activities, but the one I enjoy the most is martial arts training. Not only are you trained both mentally and physically, you are also equipped with skills that are useful in times of need.

Any suggestions for those who want to get healthy in 2014?
Have a goal in mind and periodise (where you change your training volume, intensity and frequency at different points in time) your training methods. This will help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated, especially when you achieve results. Many people do not do this and thus lose interest along the way.

To start, get help from a fitness trainer or join us at our ESPA Active Lifestyle Challenge that will be launched soon. It is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and you will have the chance to win prizes while getting fit.

What are the common obstacles to having a healthier lifestyle?
Most individuals find it difficult to get started and a mindset change is needed. However, once you see results from your training, you will be motivated to continue. Even if you have a chronic disease, studies have shown that you can make a change, and as there are benefits in the long run, there is no time like the present to get started.

In ESPA, we assist you in achieving this through our various programmes, including holistic fitness, variation of fitness workshops and wellness programmes, fitness assessment as well as consultations.

What can someone do to start keeping fit?
Get yourself a Beginner Workout DVD for the activity of your interest and learn from their simple exercise routines until you are ready to hit the gym or participate in group or personal training sessions. Whichever you choose, it is the right start to achieving your goal.

In the next post, Faizal shows a simple circuit exercise you could try at home to get started.

This article first appeared in INVITES March 2014 magazine for RWS Invites members.

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