Meet the Egg Lord and his entourage this Easter at USS

The Egg Lord is back at Universal Studios Singapore’s Easter Eggstravaganza 2016.

Have you heard through the grapevine? The Egg Lord and his royal court will be at Universal Studios Singapore for Easter, from 14 March to 5 April, and they are staging a musical show at Soundstage 28 for the benefit of his royal subjects (that’s you!).

You might have seen the Egg Lord and his entourage in the USS Easter Universal Studios Singapore Easter egg hunt contest, but just who is he?

USS Easter show Egg Lord Lunch at Eggingham The Egg Lord and the Royal Long Lunch at Eggingham Gardens
The Egg Lord and the Royal Long Lunch at Eggingham Gardens

The Egg Lord is the newly crowned Lord of Eggingham. Through a sheer twist of incomprehensible fate, the new Lord was plucked from obscurity and launched into the royal spotlight. Though he has absolutely no money or etiquette, he’s got enough “yolks” to crack you up till next year.

The Egg Lord has moved into the Palace and as part of his newly acquired duties, he will be hosting a Royal Long Lunch at Eggingham Gardens.

Expect a pompous arrival in a hot-egg balloon, uncomfortable servants who dance the food right onto the table and, as the royal facade begins to wane, a rather awkward luncheon that becomes an all-singing, all-dancing feast of rhythmical mayhem.

The musical stageshow is full of comical stunts and lots of toe-tapping tunes. Join the Egg Lord and his entourage in this interactive lunch at the Palace, which is a feast for the whole family. (Royal subjects, please don’t expect an actual lunch.)

Date: 14 Mar – 5 Apr 2015
Venue: Soundstage 28 in New York Zone, Universal Studios Singapore

We’ll keep you updated on the timings of the show. Here’s a detailed introduction to the royal court so you can greet them by their royal title. Warning: puns ahead.

Egg Lord

easter egg lord

All it took was for the gardener with the clippers to jump into the carriage of the Lady from the Palace up in Eggingham, and then there was THE EGG LORD!

Born into nobility through a twist of incomprehensible fate, our whacky and irreverent host was never comfortable with the responsibilities of his Royal status. Will the upgrade in his postcode force him to replace his party hat with the Royal crown, or will old habits die hard?

USS Easter Royal lunch at Eggingham Gardens: Egg Lord
The Egg Lord lords over Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens

Lord Benedict and Lady Florentine

easter lord benedict easter lady florentine

From the bountiful Borough of Eggbridge, the buxom Lady Florentine is the matriarch of the mon-egg-chy and doesn’t suffer fools. Beaten into submission, her subservient husband has a keen eye for the ladies and is looking for any egg-scuse to party.

 USS Easter Egg Lord Lord Lady Florentine
Lady Florentine and Lord Benedict at Royal Long Lunch at Eggingham Gardens

Duke of Yolk, Duchess of Yolk, Prince Runny, Princess Sunny

 easter duke of yolk  easter duchess of yolk easter princess sunny easter prince runny

Hard boiled from the charming Eggfordshire, the aesthetically challenged (yet wealthy) Duke has nabbed a much younger Duchess with a penchant for jewelry, much to the disgust of his children.

Princess Sunny is a precocious royal brat, and her brother Prince Runny, a mischievous troublemaker.

Royal Long Lunch at Eggingham Gardens Duke of Yolk
Duke of Yolk and the royal family


easter herald

The Egg Lord’s right-hand man will try anything to keep the façade running to save his buddy. A bumbling fool who causes more chaos than order.

USS easter
The Herald bringing the crowd to Eggingham Gardens.

Egg Lord’s Servants

easter butler 1 easter butler 2  easter butler 3  easter butler 4
easter butler 5 easter royal helper 1  easter royal helper 2  easter royal helper 3

The Egg Lord’s rag-tag egg-tourage lack refinery and egg-tiquette, but know how to put on one hell of a party. They too do their best to maintain the Egg Lord’s royal façade, but is it possible to unscramble these eggs?

The Egg Lord and his royal servants
The Egg Lord and his royal servants

The Egg Lord is back at Universal Studios Singapore’s Easter Eggstravaganza 2016.

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