Get your dino-themed souvenirs at Universal Studios Singapore

The Jurassic World movie opened last Thursday and we heard that The Dino-Store at Universal Studios Singapore brought in new artifacts and fossils (or merchandise as non-archaeologists call it).  We went deep inside the jungle of Lost World to check out what’s in store for you at The Dino-Store.

Dino-store at Universal Studios Singapore
The Dino-store.
The Dino-store Merchandise
Spoilt for choice?
Lost World Indominus Rex
ROAR. Play peek-a-boo with the new hybrid Indominus rex, available at $73.90.
Lost World hand puppet
Need to disguise and protect yourself against another dinosaur? Get the dinosaur hand puppet, at $49.90 each.
Dino-store Tshirts
Are your kids soaking wet after the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™ ride? Grab them a t-shirt to change into, at $26.90.
Dino-store Mugs
Grab a mug to brew your favourite coffee and tea (or maybe use as emergency weapon if you encounter any dinosaurs). The mugs are $13.90 each.
Dino-store Magnets
Get a magnet as a reminder of the fun you had, every time you open your fridge. Each magnet is $7.90.
Dino-store Display
Check out the Jurrasic World merch!

Come on down to The Dino-Store to check out more of the new Jurassic World merchandises. Be careful of dinosaurs while you make your way here!

Chris Pratt Jurrasic World parody at Universal Studios Singapore

The Dino-Store is located inside Universal Studios Singapore’s Lost World . Get your tickets to Universal Studios Singapore.


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