[LIGHTSEEKER] Character Bio- Usha

Opening Nov 28, LIGHTSEEKER, A RWS Musical tells the story of good vs evil set in a fantastical world. In this final edition of a four-part series, we check out Usha – evil and power-hungry sorceress.


Daughter of the underworld and seductive sorceress, Usha uses her supernatural powers to extract the Essence from captured tribesmen.

Resources from which The Light is extracted from are dwindling; hence Usha has been tasked by The Emperor to devise experiments to regenerate The Light through the use of her magic crystal.

Paradoxically, while she works with the light, she is actually the darkness and a transmuting conduit of the light that feeds the Emperor.

The Emperor, who wants to keep her authority in check, plays her off against the loyal General, who tightly controls her. Being a power hungry witch, Usha craves for the authority that the General wields. She is always looking out for his first signs of weakness and waiting for the right moment to knock him off his perch.

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