[LIGHTSEEKER] Character Bio- The General

Opening Nov 24, LIGHTSEEKER, An RWS Musical tells the story of good vs evil set in a fantastical world. In this first edition of a four-part series, we delve into the world of the dutiful General.


Leader of the Dark Army and the empire’s top warrior, The General has been handpicked by The Emperor to search for The Light, which is the Essence of consciousness and creation – a form of energy The Emperor requires to be more powerful.

To satisfy The Emperor’s thirst for power, The General goes on a quest to capture tribesmen and rob them of their essence, inadvertently causing pain and suffering among his captives. Yet this duty-driven warrior takes no joy in watching others suffer. His actions stem from a sense of duty that has been ingrained in him since he was a young recruit. Not only did this shape his steadfast loyalty towards his tyrannical ruler, but also his worldview – a world that revolved around fear, power and control.

This is the only world he has ever known; until he meets Nova who opens his eyes to a world he never knew existed, one that is free of terror and oppression.

Now that he has reached the crossroads of fear and freedom, will he choose to return to the dark side? Or will he take the leap of faith and take his first step towards the unknown where his first taste of freedom awaits?

Catch LIGHTSEEKER, An RWS Musical to discover his fate. Book your tickets to LightSeeker now.

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