[LightSeeker] Little known facts about the musical

Elaborate costumes, epic battles and mind boggling set design. These are some sights that will greet you when you catch LightSeeker, our first fantasy musical featuring music from Dick Lee. RWScoop goes behind the scenes and uncovers some little-known facts for you.


1)      From conceptualisation to casting to music-recording, it has taken over a year to produce the show. Watch the musical come to life against a backdrop of live-action stunts, memorable music and riveting plot.

2)      This is the first musical by RWS, featuring stars from London’s West End and elaborate stage sets by Emmy-award winning Patrick Larsen whose most recent achievement include designing the set for Education Nation, produced by NBC News in 2012.

3)      Acclaimed songwriter, Dick Lee was so inspired by the storyline that he completed the music composition for “The Light Within” in 10 minutes.

4)      15,000 man hours (equivalent to 625 days or 1.7 years). That’s the amount of time it took to build the LightSeeker fantasy universe set.

5)      With a 10-tonne LED wall which is capable of producing 281 trillion colour variations, you can expect an immersive viewing experience. The wall is also used as a platform to underscore the larger-than-life presence of The Emperor.

6)      Watch the tribesmen scale and swing around the four trees on set, which are 11 metres tall and weight a total of 8,350 kg.

7)      All the battle-fighting scenes executed by The General, played by Stuart Boother, is derived from the experience gained through training alongside Shaolin Kung Fu Monks in the Kunyu Mountains of China.

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