[LIGHTSEEKER] Character Bio- Imps Tribe

Opening Nov 24, LIGHTSEEKER, An RWS Musical tells the story of good vs evil set in a fantastical world. In this third edition of a four-part series, we venture deep into the forest, where the imps roam.


After sunset, the forest welcomes its nightly gathering as glowing eyes emerge from within the shrubs and trees.

These are the acrobatic, energetic and peace-loving imps – forest creatures who emerge under the cover of the night to forage for fruit and vegetation, and play with immense joy.

They live in harmony with their environment but face similar survival threats as other forest creatures. Hence they prefer to move in groups and seek comfort in community and companionship.

With their pointed ears, luminous eyes and feather covered headdresses, these intriguing characters feature throughout the musical and lead the audience through a crescendo of emotions as the story unfolds.

Catch LIGHTSEEKER, An RWS Musical to experience her powers. Book your tickets to LightSeeker now.

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