[LightSeeker] A chat with Nova- Sarah Brown

She’s petite and gentle but packs a powerful voice. Sarah Victoria Brown, who plays the spiritual leader Nova in RWS’s musical LightSeeker, tells us how she once played a male character and why even stage princesses sometimes struggle to move around in their costumes.

Sarah Brown as Nova

Sarah is no stranger to the performing arts. She has starred as leads in popular pantomimes like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, Ariel in The Little Mermaid and Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz and assumed the original lead soprano vocalist role in Stranger: A Ballet Musical.

But the soft-spoken lass is quick to point out that Nova is unlike those other fairytale roles.

Nova has the same hair and eyelashes going for her but she’s far more grounded, compared to the dreamlike Disney princesses I’ve played in the past.”

In LightSeeker, she is a guide who is revered by the forest tribes and has this unique ability to invoke The Light, bringing freedom and joy to her followers.

You would have heard her belting out the theme songs (click here to hear two of the soundtracks). Hence keeping her vocal chords in tip-top condition is her main priority.

Sarah’s other great challenge is how to move gracefully on stage. To viewers, she appears in a beautiful white dress. But concealed beneath the layers of clothing is a range of sound and lighting equipment (catch the musical to find out how this works).

It’s also Sarah’s first time performing in Asia.

“I had to get used to the heat and there were the language barriers too. Having said that, it’s a pleasure being able to do what you love and see the world at the same time. When I’m in character, it doesn’t really matter which part of the world I come from.”

Sarah Brown

Of all the roles Sarah has taken on, the most challenging has to be playing Sid Phillips, the 10-year-old main antagonist, in the Pixar cartoon Toy Story: The Musical (Disney Cruise Line).

“Performing as a little boy was difficult because I’m neither a 10-year-old nor a boy. I had to also lower my voice as I’ve got a very high voice.”

After playing so many fairytale roles, Sarah has one ‘regret’. She has not played a villain before. It’s not hard to imagine why. One look at her wholesome good looks, and the image of a ‘princess’ comes to mind. She hopes to become a villain if the opportunity arises in future.

“I’m just a little thing. Apart from my big voice, I don’t think I can set myself apart as no one would be afraid of me just yet. When I get older, with more wrinkles, I might be able to play the baddie.”

Catch her as Nova in LightSeeker, An RWS Musical. Show opens 28 Nov 2013. Book your tickets here.

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