Let’s Ride The Movies!!!

Fans of Resorts World Sentosa are really enthusiastic. They’ve been blogging, commenting, scribbling on our walls (i.e. on Facebook), capturing our every progress on film and basically charting our milestones to share with the rest of the world.

Hence, here’s a note to thank you for all the support, because your enthusiasm and excitement are what’s driving us here in Resorts World Sentosa. And we hope we haven’t been disappointing you as we have been diligently disseminating the latest news to the media and public about our astounding progress, so you can revel in our exhilaration as well.

This is especially after yesterday’s press conference where we unveiled the highly-anticipated Universal Studios Singapore in all its glory, and showed the world the long-awaited interactive park map (click http://www.rwsentosa.com/USS_map_Eng/en_map-uss.html), which caused local and foreign journalists alike to have flutters in their tummies.

During the press conference, we screened a short video hosted by famous Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, describing how you can experience for yourself a ferocious category 5 hurricane rip a city apart, as this is recreated in a special effects theatre called Lights! Camera! Action!, which is one of the key attractions in the Hollywood zone (one of seven zones) in Universal Studios Singapore.

In addition, we’ll also be inviting big names to host their shows at Stage 28 (also housed in Hollywood zone), where you can get behind the scenes and experience real time film production in a fully out-fitted world-class sound stage.
After the press conference, it was time to bask in the sun as several dozen journalists got the chance of a lifetime to visit the theme park before we officially open next year.

The lucky journalists and cameramen were also treated to a sneak peek of the spectacular WaterWorld live show that is based on the blockbuster hit WaterWorld starring Kevin Costner as the stuntmen zipped about on their watercraft, going through the paces.

We also took a jaunt down to the Oasis Spice Café™ which is one of the larger dining outlets to host big groups and families. It is within the Ancient Egypt zone (which is my one of my favourite zones because I’m a fan of the movie Revenge of the Mummy) and it serves Halal buffeteria style Mediterranean, Indian and Malay food, which caters to the diets of vegans and meat-lovers alike. This is one of the six Halal-certified dining outlets in Universal Studios Singapore, in addition to Mel’s Drive-In, Friar’s, Goldilocks, Celebrity Café & Bakery, and Gloria’s Snack Shack.

After about more than an hour’s walk, the media took their last few photos and remarked they could already envisage the awesome-ness of the park coming into place. Actually, a few of my colleagues and I toured the park last week (and it was my first visit) and comparing the progress with what I saw yesterday, I must highly commend all the workers for the work they’ve done at such incredulous speed.

A recap of my first impressions of the park: walking around and checking out the dining outlets was kind of like touring the alternate world of blockbuster Hollywood films. Every zone is unique and based on a certain hit movie and era in time.

But the remarkable thing is that once you leave a zone behind, you feel like you’re in another country, in another universe, which is the wonder of the theme park. The dining outlets in each zone serves a different cuisine, and in a themed setting. You could dine with the dinosaurs at The Lost World, or more specifically, in the Discovery Food Court™ which is the biggest dining outlet in the park, where you can savour Singapore’s best selection of laksa, chicken rice and other local delights in the Discovery Center building that was featured in the original Jurassic Park movie.

As for takeaways, there’s Fossil Fuels™ also at The Lost World, where you can refuel your energy by chomping on a light snack, quick meal or slurp a couple of refreshing frozen drinks at this tropical jungle watering hole.

But if you’re a fan of Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar, pop by Casa Del Wild as Marty, The Zebra treats you to a variety of lip-smacking South East Asian specialties such as nasi padang, pad thai, chicken rice and Asian rotisserie chicken. Alternatively, join Gloria at her favorite watering hole, aptly named Gloria’s Snack Shack™, offering Japanese-inspired quick bites like yakitori and rice bowls and invigorating thirst-quenchers.

Personally, I can’t wait to pop by Mel’s Drive-In because I adore the 1950s retro era, especially the rock-and-roll culture and at Mel’s Drive-In, you can eat you heart out over classic American favorites like juicy cheeseburgers and hot fries, sandwiches, crispy onion rings, decadent root beer floats and frosty milk shakes! There’ll be booth seats, retro décor, vintage cars parked outside the outlet and even acapella singers to entertain while you eat.

Also in the Hollywood zone is Celebrity Café and Bakery™, which is rumored to be where Marilyn Monroe was talent scouted. Fill your tummies with gourmet sandwiches, puff pastry pies and classic desserts, and who knows, you might be spotted as the next big thing!

But if you’re within the Hollywood and feel like having Chinese chow, Hollywood China Bistro is the place to head to. It serves East meets West Chinese fusion cuisine and dim sum which is freshly-made and to-die-for.

Over in New York zone, KT’s Grill which is an authentic New York Grill has a rich woodwork interior reminiscent of a 1940’s NY dinner house and is also an excellent place to dine at. The menu includes classic New York grill entrees, sandwiches, soups and salads; along with a fresh oyster bar and Pacific Rim influenced East meets West dishes.

But if you’re in the Big Apple and you’ve never tried the authentic New York jumbo sliced pizza, then you haven’t been to New York. So make sure to drop by Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor™ to grab a traditional flavored pizza or one of local favourites like Hawaiian or tandoori chicken.

Traipsing to Far Far Away zone, there are three dining options to satisfy your every craving. Check out Goldilocks™ where you can sink your teeth into the crispiest fried chicken and fish and chips, together with tasty sides like fresh mash potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, and french fries. For something lighter, stop by Friar’s™, which offers fast yet delicious food on-the-go where you can select from a variety of wraps, including Thai peanut chicken wrap, tandoori chicken wrap, turkey wrap and veggie wrap and more. As for Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop, you can quench your thirst with healthy, freshly-made fruit juices and ‘elixirs’ to help you continue with your adventure.

If you’ve been to Universal Studios Orlando (USO) before, you’ll probably experience a sense of déjà vu when you visit us because we are based on the former. I remember sinking my teeth into a ginormous turkey drumstick, which was the biggest drumstick I’d ever seen in my life, and it was meaty enough to feed two mouths for lunch! And guess what? We’re bringing in the same turkey drumsticks! Yum!

As we move towards Opening, and as our workload gets overwhelmingly wonderful, please bear with us and we hope to welcome you in person very, very soon!

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