Lazy bones day out

Lazy bones day out at RWS

We’ve assessed our thrill rides for all you adrenaline junkies. But not everyone pursues the path of thrills and highs; sometimes, you just want to relax and melt into a puddle of skin and bones. We followed our inner sloth and seeked out places to laze in the Resort.

Bao Chuan viewing deck
Maritime Experiential Museum

Three good things about this place: high ceilings, a condensed history lesson, and air-con. Sit back and appreciate the full size replica of the bow of Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship and watch his mighty fleet’s 15th century voyage from China to the Western Ocean . Beware the head of the mighty Pi Xiu (a Chinese mythical winged lion), which roars and expels smoke. It’s actually pretty cute.

Bao Chuan Viewing Deck at MEM
Rawr I’m adorable

How long can I laze here: Approx 20 minutes. Please do make way for other guests after a while, and make your way through the Souk Gallery to enter S.E.A. Aquarium. Standard tickets apply; ticket is inclusive of entry to the Museum and S.E.A. Aquarium. Opt for lunch at Fish and Crab Shack next to the Bao Chuan viewing deck right after. Entrance to the Fish and Crab Shack does not require a ticket.


Hard Rock Hotel Pool

HRH Beach Pool at RWS
Work that tan.

Enjoy the sun and sand (sorry, no sea) with the convenience of clean washrooms nearby. The Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool is a sprawling site with fine, warm sandy banks, beach chairs, clear waters, and trees that sway in the wind. It’s amazingly calm and feels like a tropical escape. But you have to be a guest at any of our hotels to enjoy this beach pool.

How long can I laze here: All afternoon if you are a guest at our hotels. We recommend you slather on the sunblock generously. We cant promise that the weather will be fair all day though. Stay indoors in the event of inclement weather.


The Bull Ring
In front of Universal Studios Singapore

Don’t expect full-fledged Spanish bullfights. Expect shade from the scorching heat and surprising windiness. Take a breather here and just people watch. If you’re parched or a little nibbly, visit the snack carts nearby and stock up on bottled drinks and assorted munchies.

How long can I laze here: For as long as you like, but it does get tiresome if you plan to stay there the whole day.


Hotel Michael Lobby

Enjoy Tuscan delights – wood-fired pizzas, al-dente pastas, soups, wines, and salads – in a comfortable, cozy setting. No need for stiff collars and polished shoes here. Just come in your weekend best. Watch your meals being made at the open kitchen. We recommend having the Merluzzo Palio –  lush pan roasted cod coated in a lightly cruchy herb crust. Divine. If you’re visiting on 29 May, even better – the RWS Carrot Cause at Palio allows you to have dinner and donate your entire bill to your charity of choice. Find out more and book your seats now.

Merluzzo Palio at RWS
We’d eat this. Every. Day.

How long can I laze here: Take your time; approximately an hour plus, especially if you intend to sip slowly on some wine and nibble on dessert after dinner.


Steps at FestiveWalk
In front of Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams at RWS
Lights, water, pretty colours, and flames.

It’s strangely therapeautic sitting on wide steps, watching people run or hobble their way down the steps. If you’re there at night, the Lake comes alive in a choreographed display of lights, water, and fire. Get a few drinks, find a comfortable spot, camp there, and get lazy by around 9, before the show starts at 9:30pm.

How long can I laze here: Again, as long as you like, but on particularly balmy days and nights it might be too humid. It’s still a great place to just chill and catch up with friends, without having to pay a cent.


Did we miss a sweet chill out spot in the Resort? Share with us in the comments below.

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