7 dishes at USS’s KT’s Grill you need to try

If you’re looking for something beyond your usual theme park food at Universal Studios Singapore, come to KT’s Grill in the New York zone.

At the steakhouse, you’ll find English-styled yummies such as steaks, fish & chips, and other grill house favourites.

KT’s Grill is perfect if you want the full-service restaurant experience. Like its 1940s New York décor, the service harks back to more conventional means. Its wait staff will be on hand to take orders, serve your food and address any outstanding requests. Service is prompt, even during the busy meal times.

The restaurant boasts two levels. The ground level comes with a bar, for those looking for a tipple or two. KT’s serves alcoholic drinks such as beer and cocktails.

Its upper level has a large private room, complete with thick carpeting, velvet curtains and a fireplace, used frequently for group events. It overlooks the park’s lagoon, which makes a pretty backdrop (photos!) in the evening. While the room requires prior booking, you could request for a seat at any of the many other tables upstairs.

Starting 1 November 2016, KT’s Grill rolled out a new menu. It kept largely to its cuisine roots, with a slight Asian twist. Here are seven dishes worth a second look.

Updated September 2017 to reflect menu/price changes.

Bar snacks and appetisers: Something to tide you over before the mains

Spam Fries–S$8++

Spam Fries KT's Grill

Go beyond the typical French Fry and get your fingers on these crispy fried pork luncheon strips. Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, they go perfectly with the garlic mayo dip.

Chicken Lollipops–S$12++

Chicken Lollipops KT's Grill

No, it’s not a candy but crispy fried chicken drumlets. For an Asian twist, dip them into the Thai sweet chili sauce served on the side.

Mussel A La Crème–S$14++

Mussel A La Crème KT's Grill

For seafood lovers. Succulent fresh blue shell mussels sautéed with white wine, garlic butter and cream.

The mains: Munchies for your stomach

DIY Pasta Treat–S$19++

DIY Pasta Treat KT's Grill

If you like control over your food, this is for you. Pick the topping and sauce of your choice for your Italian linguine pasta.

Choose from three toppings including fresh shrimp, roasted chicken breast or vegetarian (includes spring vegetables, mushrooms and black olives).

For your base, pick either the special mushroom cream sauce or rich tomato sauce.

New York Tower Burger–S$28++

New York Tower Burger KT's Grill

How many beef patties can you handle in your burger? There are three in this but you can add more by topping up S$3++ for each patty.

Crowned with a toasted brioche burger bun, this enormous burger has KT Grill’s House Special sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served with fries.

Only for huge appetites.

Chef’s Special BBQ Baby Back Ribs–S$29++

Chef’s Special BBQ Baby Back Ribs KT's Grill

Grilled with Chef’s Special BBQ sauce, the meat on the baby back ribs falls off the bones easily and tastes peppery, sweet, and tangy at the same time.

Feel guilty about having too much meat? Homemade coleslaw is served alongside. And you can choose one of these sides: jacket potato with sour cream & bacon bits, fries or raisin rice.

Oreo mud pie–S$13++

Oreo mud pie KT's Grill

End the meal on a sweet note. Oreo fans will love this: affogato swirl ice cream on an Oreo cookie base. Topped with Oreo cookie crumble and drizzled with vanilla and chocolate sauce.


Bonus recommendation: Universal Studios Sling–S$15++

Universal Studios Sling KT's Grill

Not a new item on the menu but still worth recommending.

KT’s Grill serves cocktails and alcoholic drinks too. Try the bright blue gin-based concoction that’s a spin on the popular Singapore Sling.

Only for those over 18 years old.


Those are our recommendations from KT’s Grill. Let us know how your meal goes.

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