Five jaw-dropping moments at Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus

Halloween Horror Nights 6 show Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus

At Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 6, not every horror is found in the haunted houses or scare zones.

There’s one inside Pantages Theatre that features a clown holding auditions for new acts to include in his circus.

Sounds innocent and fun, right?

Well, not when Jack the Clown is involved.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 show Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus
Jack is back.

You see, Jack is not your usual clown. His idea of fun involves terrorising people and cutting their heads off if they do not please him (see Point 5).


Welcome to Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus

Two years ago, Jack was at Halloween Horror Nights 4 recruiting for his circus. It didn’t work out because he ended up killing every auditionee. Oops.

This year, he’s back for a new round of auditions at Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus. And you’re the guest of honour.

Despite Jack’s cold-bloodedness, he’s funny and loves dropping puns. And his henchmen–Jack’s Maniacs–bear the brunt of his anger in equally humorous ways.

With its song, dance and thrilling acts, Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus is not to be missed. Catch it at Pantages Theatre at 7.45pm, 9.15pm, 10.45pm, 12.15am and 1.30am (peak period-only).

Halloween Horror Nights 6 show Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus
Jack and his henchmen–Jack’s Maniacs.

If you’re there, hold on to your seat during these five jaw-dropping moments:

1. The part with the Hair Hanger

Halloween Horror Nights 6 show Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus Hair Hanger

The show opens with a bang when Jack bursts out of the box. Above him you’ll see something being jerked around.

Wait, that’s not a “thing”. You realise in horror that it’s a girl with her hair tied to a rope. The poor Hair Hanger has to do tricks for Jack while she struggles in the air.

You cringe in our seat, imagining how painful it must be being pulled only by your real hair.


2. The part where Jack is choked

Halloween Horror Nights 6 show Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus

Jack affectionately calls his henchmen his Maniacs. They treat him with reverence and tip toe around his quick temper.

But he meets his match in the form of the tiniest of the Maniacs–Little Girl. To show how deadly she is, Jack taunts her until she snaps and grabs him by the throat.

Jack chokes for a while until he distracts her with candy.


3. The one with dynamite in the mouth

Dynamite at Jack's Recurring Nightmare circus HHN6

During the show, an unlucky audience member is dragged on stage for posting too many Instagram photos

Jack takes away his phone (no doubt a torture for Millennials). The Maniacs then covers the audience member’s eyes with a sleeping mask and his ears with an ear muff. That’s very considerate of them.

But then they put lit dynamite into his mouth. Be here to watch his gory ending.


4. The one with flying sharp objects

Deadly Games Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus HHN6 Deadly Games’s knife thrower starts with an easy target–balloons and his assistant. It escalates to him throwing sharp objects while his assistant is on a spinning wheel.

Your jaw drops further when the Maniacs blindfold the man. Hold your breath as he still needs to throw knives at his assistant.

Deadly Games Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus HHN6

Will she leave unscathed? You’ll have to be there to know.


5. The one with the guillotine

Guillotine at Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus HHN6

Unfortunately, at the end of the headlining acts, the audience goes crazy over the knife thrower.

Jack isn’t one to be upstaged so his Maniacs grabs and carts him to the guillotine.

Shortie, the abnormally tall Maniac, demonstrates how sharp the blade is by slicing a cabbage. If you’re afraid of gore and blood, don’t worry, they’ll hide the gruesome act behind a box which Jack collects at the end.

It’s ironic how the poor knife thrower meets his demise under a blade.


Catch Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus at Pantages Theater

Don’t miss Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus at HHN6.

Show times are:
27, 31 October: 9:15pm, 10:45pm and 12:15am
28 – 30 October: 7.45pm, 9.15pm, 10.45pm, 12.15am and 1.30am

Although the theatre sits 1500, Jack’s shows fill up pretty fast so come earlier. It’s also one of the great places to take a break from the night’s humidity while being entertained.

 Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus HHN6

Jack's Recurring nightmare circus

HHN6 Jack's Maniacs

HHN6 Jack's Maniacs

New act!

Silk act at Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus.
Silk act at Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus on 30 Oct at 12.15am.
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