Iridology – how my eyes betrayed my health

Eyes don’t lie. Besides being the window to our soul, do you know that they also provide an insight into our health? I met ESPA’s resident naturopath Tiffany Wee for a session of Iridology and the results floored me.

Iridology is the study of the iris (coloured part of the eye) to assess potential health concerns. The nerve fibre density, colour and patterns in my iris can provide clues to my state of health.

After examining my iris, Tiffany will recommend me ways to improve the areas of imbalance.

Getting the right view
Getting the right view

How is it done?

I placed my right eye against a slit lamp microscope, which magnified my iris before it was captured on a computer. This process took about 10 minutes. With the magnified images, we were all ready to review my health status.

That's my iris!
That’s my iris!

Here comes the ‘hard’ part.

After scrutinising the images and occasionally referring to some charts and reference books, Tiffany announced: “You’re in relatively good health.”

Phew! That’s pretty reassuring, for a start. Then the ‘but’ hits me.

“But your liver is slightly weaker than most people. See this small yellowish patch here? It’s a sign of sluggish liver function. It’s not severe. To avoid overburdening your liver, reduce your toxic load by avoiding things like alcohol.”

These words sent a tingle down my spine. Because I am allergic to alcohol. Half a can of beer would cause rashes, turning me into the colour of chilli crab, and it usually takes about two weeks for the rashes to subside. Prior to this, I knew that my liver is not efficient at processing alcohol. But Tiffany didn’t. And yet she found that out at a glance, all within 20 minutes without any extensive tests or fancy machines that resemble oversized washing machines.

Note to self: say No to alcohol.

Tiffany the very knowledgeable and personable naturopath
Tiffany the very knowledgeable and personable naturopath

“I also see some nerve rings in your iris. These fine lines that look like growth rings on a tree? They are an indication of stress that has been plaguing you for some time.”

Tiffany’s spot on again. It has been pretty stressful managing an increasing workload in the office and entertaining a curious two-year-old at home. I was sold. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows more about my health than my regular GP.

She continues, “While we can’t possibly eliminate all the stressors that we face, we need to find ways to manage them. You need to learn to relax. One great way is to come to ESPA, to enjoy a massage or partake in our holistic classes like yoga, Qigong and meditation. We even have a Mandala Workshop that helps participants use mandala drawing as a tool to help resolve inner conflict.”

What’s next?

I spent the rest of the 60-minute session picking up health tips from Tiffany, such as which oils are better for cooking and how it benefits me and my family. Her recommendations were practical and scientific, backed by her training in holistic medicine and experience working at some of the world’s top spas.

The tips listed here are just some of the things I’ve learnt from the session. To really get the most of out it, try it out yourself.

Iridology is available at $200++ for a 60-minute session. It is best complemented with a naturopathic consultation and nutritional counseling to obtain a clearer picture of your overall health condition, so as to provide a holistic blueprint to achieve optimal health. Click here for more information on ESPA treatments and services. For bookings or enquiry, please email

Watch this space for upcoming articles on common health concerns such as insomnia, indigestion, migraine, constipation, reflux and skin problems, where Tiffany will share with us the probable causes and what you can do to alleviate them.

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