[INSIGHTS] Who lives on Sesame Street® at Universal Studios Singapore®?

Sesame Street at Universal Studios Singapore

How can any of us who grew up in the 1980s forget about the big, nasal-voiced yellow bird who’s always bright and cheery? I leak my age but it’s all worthwhile.

Kids programmes in that era only served to entertain with little educational value. But Sesame Street was a breath of fresh air. Children across the world connected with a bevy of colourful and adorable on-screen characters, each one representing different personas and traits. It inculcated honest moral values and taught kids their ABCs and Ps and Qs.

Sesame Street has televised to an international audience across the world since 1969. Although it hasn’t been on the telly in recent times, children today know about Oscar the grouch, Big Bird, the red furry Elmo and  Bert & Ernie through popular merchandise. With such star appeal, we’re excited that eight of these loveable muppets who have lived on Sesame Street for 43 years are now calling Universal Studios Singapore (USS)  home. We take a look at who has travelled the atlantic to our sunny island. Sesame Street Characters at Universal Studios Singapore

Catch them live in three different shows: The 12-minute stage show on the steps of New York Library (up to three times daily), and two 7-minute shows along New York (up to three times daily each).


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