P: Parking at Resorts World Sentosa

The Resort’s car park can be a labyrinth. If it’s your first time traversing its vastness, it might feel a little overwhelming; sometimes, even third time’s not the charm. We’re pretty confused ourselves, so we went scouting (on foot) around the car park and dug up some pointers that might help unravel the mystery of the labyrinth.

1. There are three main car park areas

The vast lots are divided into East (at B1), West (at levels 1, B1m, and B1), and B2. When you keep left and enter the car park from the Sentosa gateway (before the gantries into the island itself), you’ll arrive at B1 East carpark. The first right turn you encounter will be the downward entrance to B2’s car park – which is reserved for VIP members . If not, take the second right turn for B1 East car park.

You can choose to park on B1 or drive straight till you reach a fork, and turn left to park at the West area.

RWS car park from East to West


2. Where you should park depends on where you want to go

Generally, you’ll want to park at East car park if you’re heading to the following areas:

  • Universal Studios Singapore©
  • Festive Walk – where Festive Grand Theatre and various eateries are
  • World Square – where you’ll find Palio, Osia, Joël Robuchon Restaurant and L’atelier de Joël Robuchon, and the Lake of Dreams.
  • Hotel Michael
  • The Galleria – our luxury shopping strip.
  • The Waterfront –  where you’ll find the Crane Dance and the Malaysian Food Street

And at the West Car park if you’re heading to these:

  • Resorts World Convention Centre
  • Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium
  • The Marine Life Park
  • Festive Hotel
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Ocean Suites/Restaurant
  • Equarius Hotel
  • Beach Villas
  • ESPA at RWS

3. Valet service

We’re lazy; why do the parking when you can have it parked for you? At $3, drop of your car at any one of these four valet points:

East Zone B1 car park. Drive straight once you enter. The valet booth is just before the major zebra crossing.

Valet at RWS B1 East car park

If you decide to drive into the island through the Sentosa gantries and not go down into the car park, you can choose to drop off your cars at the following outdoor drop off points: Equarius Hotel porch, Porte Cochere (nearest to Festive Hotel and the Galleria), and the Rotunda porch (nearest to Hotel Michael).

RWS valet outdoor drop off point - Porte Cochere

Find out how to get to Resorts World Sentosa.

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