[INSIGHTS] Oon Shu An and the magic of Incanto

Oon Shu An as the Seeker in Incanto for RWS
This girl means business: To find out how a huge personality could fit into such a petite figure, catch Shu An as the protagonist in Incanto.

We all know Incanto is about to debut on 8 November – unless you’ve just bounced back to earth like Felix Baumgartner. Playing from Festive Grand Theatre, Incanto is an original story that combines magic, theatre and music into 90 minutes of family entertainment. Local actress and Clicknetwork’s familiar face Oon Shu An portrays the innocent Seeker in the story, and tells us why we should catch it in the coming months.

Shu An and dancers rehearse for Incanto at RWS

You’ve been in a number of films, commercials, online channels and theatre productions before; what’s unique about Incanto?

It’s got the highest production value I’ve ever seen, with a huge international cast – from Ukraine, London, China, and Australia – and the first time I’ve worked with acrobats, dancers, and magicians. It is also the longest show I’ve ever done, because it’s going to run from November all the way to March 2013. It’ll be really interesting to see how the show develops.

Magician Joe Labero for Incanto at RWS

Who are you most inspired by in this show?

That’s a very hard question because I’m inspired by all of them. The Chinese acrobats are risking their lives every day on stage, and it’s like the dancers are doing a marathon every show. Magician Joe Labero is amazing. Even the way the dance company takes care of everyone and puts things together make us feel so supported and well taken care of. Seeing the way they wove the acrobatic acts, the magic show and the story together – which is very hard to do – is impressive.

Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe for Incanto at RWS

Why watch the show?

I can’t think of any reason for you not to! It’s going be so much fun and there’s never a dull moment. The most exciting moment is when the curtain opens, because you don’t know what’s in store.



About the cast:

Headlined by Joe Labero, three-time recipient of the Merlin Award, Incanto will feature 50 performers from all over the world, including the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe. The Troupe was founded in 1951 and is one of the most awarded acrobatic troupes in the world.

About the creative team:

The RWS Production  team includes Executive Producer of Incanto and Vice President of Entertainment at Resorts World Sentosa, Andrea Teo, Producer and Director of Entertainment at RWS, Matthew Twist. The Danze Fantasy Productions Creative team involves Singapore-born Director Ben Russell, recipient of the 2012 Merlin Award for Best Director in Magic, and Creative Producers Lindy Russell & John Eramanis, recipients of the 2012 Merlin Award for Producers of the Decade.


Incanto is presented by Resorts World Sentosa, in association with Danze Fantasy Productions. Tickets for Incanto (for shows until 31 December 2012) are on sale now at Resorts World Sentosa’s ticketing counters and all Sistic outlets. Rack rates for Category 1 – 5 tickets are $148, $98, $88, $78 and $48 respectively.

Check out ticket promotions here.

RWS Invites members get exclusive discounts of 50% off rack rates for preview tickets and 25% off for other show dates from 8 November onwards when they purchase their tickets at the RWS Invites Service Centre and Festive Grand Ticketing Centre.

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