Incanto: Not your average Joe

Joe Labero for Incanto at the Festive Grand Theatre Resorts World Sentosa

At the heart of Incanto is the story of a Seeker learning about friendship and bravery. What really mesmerized us were the magical illusions of the Sorcerer, played by Joe Labero. We caught the busy illusionist for a few questions

Why magic?

I got a Magic Box from my parents for my 12th birthday; that summer was magic for my family and my brother. I started performing professionally when I was 20 years old.                                            

You’ve done a lot of shows before; tell us what’s so  special about Incanto.

Incanto’s a big lavish production,  it’s visual and international without language barriers, a 90-minute extravaganza for everyone from 5 to 95.

You perform seven shows a week; how do you keep it fresh every single performance?

You have to think ”tonight is a new night, try to stretch it a little; it’s a new audience, an exclusive crowd”. That’s the beauty of a live show, we try to always do it a little bit better every performance.

You interact a lot with your audience; what’s the most memorable moment?

Audience interaction is important to me because it makes each show special depending on how they react. I had a lady who didn’t want to throw the knife (a segment where an audience member has to throw a dagger at Joe), and it took a really long time before she did. It was really funny because the audience sees what is happening; it’s a great piece of entertainment.

Joe Labero for Incanto at the Festive Grand Theatre Resorts World Sentosa

What is your favourite act?

It’s a mixture, from the big lavish illusions like escaping from 60 plunging steel spikes, to the money illusion when the focus is on the hand. The contrast from the big to the small is very important to me, it makes the show memorable. 

What do you find interesting in Singapore?

 Singapore is amazing, it’s so green, clean, and sophisticated, almost like a fairytale world. I think it’s also the people who make it unique and from the service to the food, everything has clicked in.

Why watch Incanto?
It’s a great journey you have to feel and see, live – the magic, the mood, the passion. I’m very proud of the show and it’s good to see repeat customers; I know people who have seen it thrice in slightly over a month. It’s nice to see their faces trying to figure out the illusions.

Produced and presented by Resorts World Sentosa in association with Danze Fantasy Productions,  Incanto is headlined by renowned illusionist Joe Labero, and features death-defying illusions and acrobatic sequences, delivered by an international cast of 50 performers from around the globe.

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