INCANTO Bloggers’ Special: Backstage Tour

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

It’s not everyday that you get a behind-the-scenes look at a magic show. A group of Singaporean bloggers- The Wacky Duo, CheekieMonkies, J Babies, and Nicholas Yau (among others) – managed to get backstage for Incanto, the magical spectacular playing at Festive Grand Theatre. After getting up close with the acrobats and dancers, and dabbling in some make-up, and watching the show live, they lived to tell the tale.

Here’s a quick look at what happened. Incanto Bloggers' Day Out

Routine order for all backstage tours – an introduction. They were in good hands with Creative Director Ben Russell. It was the opportunity for camera checks, and the first few snaps of the day.

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

But what’s backstage access without some hands-on, right? When volunteers were needed, CheekieMonkies’ Superman Ayden stepped up and “flew” through the hoops. Did Daddy have a go? Nope. He says in his blog entry: “Getting stuck while jumping through a hoop is not funny at all.”

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

As they moved on to the dance practice, J Babies’ Daddy (middle with lanyard tag), gave up passive watching in favour of  jumping right into action with the dancers.

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

Everyone then crowded into the Festive Grand Theatre costume and make-up room which proved to be the golden ticket – everybody got handsy, touching and trying on the clothes and got tattoos along the way – temporary, of course. Cheekiemonkies’ Ayden was quick to volunteer for one and Ash followed suit.

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

No shoes are too big to fill and no coat too big to swim in for Ayden.

INCANTO Bloggers' Day Out

But playing dress-up isn’t all that big a deal for some. Louis from The Wacky Duo ignored Daddy’s power trip on the golden dragon head wristlet, choosing instead to study the intricacies of the… Incanto pamphlet.

On to the Incanto show itself. WOO or BOO? For theme park maestro and enthusiast Dejiki Nicholas Yau, whose first viewing of the show was in November, his second visit shed some insights: “While I did not expect any dramatic changes, there have been some improvements.” If you want some awesome shots, check out his blog.

What about first timers? Pretty spitfire Qiuqiu brought her new hairdo and plenty of her own drama to the show: “Okay i tell you one segment to lookout for, the 4 Wheelers one. OMFG that oneeee! I really cannot take it! It’s like i constantly have to fear for the performers!!!” Probably a show stealer, that one.

And with so many kids in attendance, the parents chipped in – is Incanto suitable for children?  J Babies’ mummy Kless has concerns, especially when it comes to the sometimes eerie atmosphere and pyrotechnics. “I have to say that very young kids might be somewhat frightened by the opening scene where there were people cloaked in black from head to toe and wearing skeletal masks.”

The Wacky Duo’s two year old Louis agreed, a little wary as he is of the darkness of the theatre and mean looking characters. But to be fair, he is after all two. “I am entitled to be afraid at this age. Perhaps it would be better if the child is 4 and above.”

But apart from the darkness, the loud sounds and bright lights and bangs, J Babies’ mummy Kless and the Wacky Duo gave it the thumbs up.”You might need to do quite a bit of explanation when your kid wonders why the pretty auntie was saw into two but later appeared alright again,” said mummy Kless. “They would be thrilled by the acrobatic acts though.”

Cheekiemonkies’s verdict? “It isn’t perfect – the songs are a tad cheesy and the dance choreography needs a little bit more work – but it is a marked improvement over Voyage de la Vie and more importantly, a fun and engaging show for the whole family.”

And did they find out aything about the magic? The Wacky Duo summed it up: “The cast remain tight lipped and the secret is still safe with the sorcerer.”


Produced and presented by Resorts World Sentosa in association with Danze Fantasy Productions,  Incanto is headlined by renowned illusionist Joe Labero, and features death-defying illusions and acrobatic sequences, delivered by an international cast of 50 performers from around the globe.

Read more about the show, find promotions and book your tickets here.

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