[INSIGHTS] How to maximise your enjoyment at a pool party

There’s nothing quite like a pool party, a hedonistic experience which one may not recall much come the morning after – especially when it involves lots of booze. What about free booze? That’s definitely the icing on the cake for the guests who attended last weekend’s Splash! Liquid Buffet at Hard Rock Pool. The RWS Invites event sampler provided a glimpse of what RWS Invites members can enjoy.

We braved unexpected splatters of water, ear-shattering party music and a very huge beach ball to dish some tips on how to have a splashing good time at a pool party.

Get wet! 

Splash! Liquid Buffet at Hard Rock Pool - hanging with the lads
Having a ball of a time.

What’s a pool party without getting yourself wet? Before going to a pool party, remember to pack your coolest beach gears because you’ll never know how things can get more competitive than a catwalk show. Besides, you want your board shorts or bikini to look their best in front of flashing cameras.

Or stay dry

Splash! Liquid Buffet at Hard Rock Pool - hanging with the lads 2
Who needs six-packs when you've got shirts?
 If you prefer to steer clear of water, make sure you are ready to drink to your heart’s content. There’s something about pool parties which goes well with alcohol. Maybe it’s the serene blue water ripples in the pool, or the good looking people around you. If free flow of beer and cocktail is thrown in (like this exclusive RWS Invites event sampler), it makes things that much merrier.


Groove to the music

Deejay Kelly Mac at Splash! Liquid Buffet at Hard Rock Pool.
DJ Kelly Mac dropping some dizzying beats.
A party comes with music, naturally. It’s not an urban myth that one dances better to a deejay’s heart-thumping remixes. We saw how awkward gyrations slowly became suave dance moves, thanks to the pretty deejay’s hot tracks.


And don’t be shy

Dancing at the Splash! Liquid Buffet at Hard Rock Pool.
Join the rose and not-quite thorns.

 When someone invites you to groove on the dance floor, say yes immediately. When the party is held at Singapore’s first ever beach pool, which is bathed luxuriously in warm lighting and the gently rippling waters, this is one offer you cannot refuse.


Photo credits: Calvin Wong Photography

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