[NEWS] ESPA at RWS opens July 6


Located next to the Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas, ESPA at RWS is set in a tranquil environment surrounded by lush greenery where you can retreat to unwind, relax and forget time.

This is ESPA’s largest luxury spa in the region, offering a repertoire of personalized treatments with their signature natural products. With 30 years of spa heritage and by bringing in spa experiences not available in Singapore, ESPA at RWS will help elevate our local spa scene.

We take a look at the experiences available at ESPA.


Pre-Treatment Facilities

Heat and Water Experiences

Heat and Water Experiences are based on the traditional notion that heat will increase antibodies production, boosting immunity while water is used to prevent the body from overheating. Properly done, it will put you in a relaxed and optimal state to receive the benefits of the treatments after.

ESPA Crystal Steam Room

Crystal Steam Room (above): Steam room with ESPA’s signature amethyst crystals, placed for balancing and healing

Rock Sauna: Bright and airy sauna that overlooks the pools and forest beyond.

ESPA at RWS Outdoor Vitality Pools

Outdoor Vitality Pool (above): Heated pools at 36 to 38 degrees Celsius with loungers and hydro-jets for relieving muscle tension.

Icy Plunge Pool: Outdoor pools for cooling down. The cooling experiences are gender separated areas with ice fountains, plunge pools and experience showers.

Forest Onsen Pools

ESPA at RWS Forest Onsen pools

Two unisex Japanese-inspired outdoor pools kept at 40 to 42 degrees Celsius, set in the midst of greenery and lush surroundings of the nearby jungle.

Tea Lounge

Overlooking the Forest Onsen Pools, the Tea Lounge is where you can go to relax, sip tea and eat healthy snacks – like apple slices – before heading for your spa treatments.


Treatment Facilities


ESPA at RWS Hammam experience

Hammam is derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘heat’. It is the Turkish variant of a steam bath, distinguished by a focus on water, instead of ambient steam.

The “Indulgent Hammam Rituals” offered range from the ‘quick’ 20-minute scrub-steam “Revitalizing Hammam Cleanse” to the 2-hour “Ultimate Hammam Ritual” package of full deep cleansing experience plus an ESPA personalised massage treatment. Treatments include a body scrub, foam massage and mud body mask.

Useful for pain relief, muscle relaxation, respiratory benefits and for smooth, toned and radiant skin.

Multi-functional Treatment Rooms

ESPA at RWS has 24 multi-functional treatment rooms: 18 private rooms and six individual villas, each with their own shower. In addition, there are two private spa suites for couples and two waterside villa suites.

The two Private Spa Suites – Plumeria and Gardenia – are designed for couples or even groups, featuring a private steam shower, an outdoor terrace and a dipping pool.

ESPA at RWS Waterside Villas

The two waterside suites (above) have massage couches side-by-side for couples; with views of a private pool, a large terrace and an outdoor massage area.


Post-Treatment Facilities

Social Relaxation Room

A place with suspended swing chairs and an outdoor deck with loungers for guests to relax and to soak up the sunshine.

Sleep Zone

ESPA at RWS Sleep Zone

18 sleep pods with built-in music for post-treatment naps. It is so conducive for napping that you are guaranteed to fall asleep.


The Finishing Touches – Grooming, Wellness and Fitness

Finishing Studio

ESPA at RWS Finishing Studio

Get your manicure, pedicure, and back massages here. It has a menu of Signature Martinis and refreshments on offer, for you to relax and kick back while you get pampered.

Good for post-treatment grooming and even for groups and small parties.


Equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipments and spacious workout areas. Personal fitness trainers are available for pointers and advice.

Tangerine Spa Café

ESPA at RWS Tangerine Spa cafe

A place for a quick bite that seats 30 indoors and 20 outdoors.

ESPA at RWS opens officially on July 6. For more information, visit the website.

Enjoy a 60-minute signature massage at ESPA worth $200+ when you sign up with RWS Invites, Resorts World Sentosa’s premier loyalty programme. Better yet, park for free when you pamper yourself. All with an annual membership fee of $150.

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