[INSIGHTS] 5 ways to survive a day at the Johor Premium Outlets

Johor Premium Outlet

For those of you who have been to Premium Outlets before, you’ll probably know what to expect – great discounts for amazing luxury brands and hours upon hours of mad shopping. But with the new Johor branch of Premium Outlets, there is something else to consider – the tropical climate and all that comes along with it. With the upcoming All-Day Shopping trip to the Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) organized by RWS Invites on June 17, we list 5 ways you can shop till you drop without too much sweat.

1.        Be prepared for all sorts of inclement weather

Ah yes, who can deny the humidity that hangs around our region? Whether it’s the pouring rain or the beating sun, the sticky weather will find a way to creep in. For those of you who might not know, the establishment is built in the signature open plaza style, meaning that shops are housed in individual one-floor blocks, like so:

Johor Premium Outlet

Dress for the occasion. Wear light, simple clothing, and bring wet-weather essentials like umbrellas. It’ll allow you to shop comfortably and effectively.

2.        Put your vouchers to good use

One good thing about signing up with the RWS Invites shopping trip to JPO (other than the hassle-free transportation) is the complimentary VIP coupons booklet that gives you even more savings and special offers at participating outlets. You’ll also get a complimentary Combo Meal lunch at Coffee Bean, perfect for getting out of the sun and resting your legs while tucking into good ol’ wholesome food. Time your lunch such that you’ll avoid the shopping crowds as much as possible.

3.         Plan your route of attack

Before you embark on a mission, it does well to plan your course. Here’s a map of JPO for your reference.

4.        For those with kids, ready your arsenal

Kids and shopping trips don’t really mesh well together, but with the variety of children’s clothes there it would be a pity not to bring the kiddies along. We have three suggestions for mummies and daddies.

              For really young ones, bring a stroller with fan attached

Be it warm and humid or drizzling, a stroller will be mighty useful to shuttle your kids around in. An attached fan might do wonders. And they can sleep away the afternoon in them, leaving your hands free to shop. If that fails, a stroller will be a great makeshift cart for all your buys.

             Fountain cool-off

There’s a fountain like the iconic one at the RWS Bullring which will surely attract your little ones like bees to honey. When they get a little restless, a few minutes of downtime chilling by the fountain might be good – it’s flanked by Burberry, Adidas, Guess and Armani Exchange. Cool them off before resuming your quest to conquer all shops. Be sure to bring a change of clothes – or buy new ones!

Kid at fountain at Bullring at Resorts World Sentosa

             Bored husband syndrome – coffee shop with the kids

Sometimes even dads get restless. Thankfully there are cafes aplenty, offering relief to tired dads in the form of air-conditioning and seats.  Mums can bring daughters along while dads hang out with the younger ones.

5.        Have a satisfying seafood dinner to top it all off 

Nothing beats a good meal at the end of the day, what more an 8-course seafood dinner at the famous Orang Asli Restaurant included in the RWS Invites package? It’ll be the perfect ending to a day of shopping – ending indulgence with indulgence.

The best part about all of this? The entire package cost just $38 for adults and $28 for children for RWS Invites members. Yep, return transportation, VIP coupons, and lunch and dinner all included.

Who says that the June holidays are only for kids?

DATE: 17 June 2012 (Sunday) 10:30 am – 08:30 pm

1 Seafood Dinner
Complimentary VIP Coupon Book
Complimentary Combo Meal at Coffee Bean
Buy 2 items & above to get additional 20% off at Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers

For more information on the shopping day trip to the Johor Premium Outlets, visit the website here. To find out more about what RWS Invites is and to be a member, click here.
If you’re up for a lunch on RWS Invites, go here to learn how.

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