[INSIGHTS] 5 Sesame Street® merchandise we love

Sesame Street at Universal Studios Singapore

Red, blue, green, pink, yellow, and all the colours of a sunny day; the air certainly is sweeter at Universal Studio Singapore® (USS) after eight Sesame Street characters started singing and dancing on the streets of New York.

Don’t you wish you could bring some of that magic home (or to the office)? With the new Sesame Street merchandise that just landed  at Universal Studios Singapore, you can. We share five things that got us cooing in delight.

1. Tees

Why go around anywhere without them at all when you can embody them (yes, pun intended)? These adorable T-shirts make drab days look livelier with their simplicity and the goofy grins.

Price: From $23.90, with choice of women’s, men’s and kid’s tees.

Sesame Street tees from Universal Studios Singapore

Sesame Street Abby Caddaby and Big Bird T-shirts at Universal Studios Singapore

2. Mugs

With their bright colours, we couldn’t decide which one we wanted most. But at $20 for two, we figured we might as well get them all. For the next office gift exchange, buy them for your colleagues to bring a splash of colour to grey work stations.

Price: $12.90 each, two for $20

Sesame Street mugs at Universal Studios Singapore

If you’re cursed with butter fingers, however, these covered ceramic cups might prevent dramatic spills at your office desk.

Price: $19.90

Sesame Street mugs with cover at Universal Studios Singapore

3. Plushies!

Who can say no to cuddling a soft toy? The best part about these plushies is the fur; unlike their cotton or velvet counterparts, you can run your hands through tufts of monster hair. They make the perfect bedtime companion and office stress buddy.

Price: From $16.90

Sesame Street plushies from Universal Studios Singapore

4. Keychain

They’re round globules suspended in water in a clear outer shell. It’s absolutely fascinating watching them roll gently in the suspension, especially when you need something to fiddle with while thinking.

Sesame Street keychains from Universal Studios Singapore

The best part? They light up when tapped!

Price: $9.90

5. Headgear

Sun too hot? Maybe it just gets really annoying pushing damp tenrils of fringe away from your face. Sometimes it can get a little too sunny, even when the air is sweet. For times like these, hold your hair back with an Elmo or Cookie Monster head band, or get some reprieve from the rays while still looking quirky in Sesame Stret character caps. You’re never too old for caps like these; they come in adult sizes as well.

Sesame Street headgear from Universal Studios Singapore

Price: $9.90 for the headbands, from $21.90 for the caps.

Location, location, location

Where do I buy these adorable Sesame Street goodies, we hear you ask. Why, it’s here at Universal Studios Singapore, nestled in The Brown Derby, opposite Mel’s Drive-In.

The Brown Derby at Universal Studios Singapore selling Sesame Street merchandise

You can also lay your hands on select merchandise at the Universal Studios Store near the entrance of the park.


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