[INSIGHTS] 5 Life Lessons By Getting Up Close with Celebrity Chef Sam Leong

Two makes a couple.

Judging by how guests were all smiles at ‘Up Close with Celebrity Chef Sam Leong’ on April 14, we gathered that the local award-winning chef is indeed a popular personality. But more than cooking lessons and tips, we observed that guests also walked away from the RWS Invites event sampler held at Forest 森 with some important life lessons.

1. Those who fail to prepare is prepared to fail 

It’s all in the prep work!

Take your time. Do research. Get organised. You’ll be amazed at how things turn out when you make a plan. At the culinary masterclass hosted with his wife Forest, guests listened intently as Chef Sam dished advice on how important preparation work is in recreating his elegant classic Chinese dishes.

2. Stop and smell the mushrooms

This reminds me of something nice.

For most of us, every day is a routine. Are you blindly rushing through life just because everyone else is doing the same? Sometimes, you have to slow down and appreciate the little things life has to offer. At the relaxing masterclass, Chef Sam introduced his guests at Forest 森 to a variety of fresh ingredients he uses for his novel creations.

3. Forget multitasking, the power’s in concentration

The true master concentrates.

You’ll never know your full potential if you don’t focus your power. With 26 years of culinary expertise and innovation behind him, Chef Sam is all focused when he prepares his inventive modern Chinese cuisine.  Forest 森 guests were treated to a four-course dinner at the event sampler, which included the delectable baked honey cod fish.

4. Don’t stop making new friends 

How’s dinner going so far?

It’s always nice to meet new, interesting people from all walks of life. What’s special here is, not everyone gets an opportunity to talk to a celebrity chef at your dining table. At this exclusive sampler event, guests got up close and personal with Chef Sam, who has had the honour of serving world famous public figures like former US presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

5. Smile every day

Flash those pearlies!

Smiling is contagious. Smiling makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside. Smiling costs nothing and makes you look good. And why would you not smile when Chef Sam and his wife Forest agree to pose for a picture with you?

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Below, some highlights of the RWS Invites event samplers.

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