[INSIGHTS] 3 things every RWS Invites explorer needs

The Explorer's Trail at RWS by RWS Invites

As a child, I remember wielding a magnifying glass, pretending to be an explorer. The romantic idea of treasure hunting has for centuries ensnared the hearts of the adventurous; it’s not so much the magnitude of the find but the journey of discovering the unknown.

Which is why if you’ve ever fancied exploring undulating lands and have a penchant for riddles, you’ll probably love the Explorer’s Trail initiated by RWS Invites.

From June 9 through June 24, the Explorer’s Trail will bring you racing around the Resort, decoding clues to find the next checkpoint. We list 3 things every explorer needs on his journey.

1. A trusty map

Whoever sailed the seas or traversed foreign terrain know that a map is indispensible. After you sign up for the trail, you can take as much time as you want (as long as you end before 645pm) to complete your hunt. Do note that there’s a prize for the fastest finisher, though! Here’s the first step to success – grab a resort map on one of the stands (it’s a gold map).

RWS Map Cover

There is a stand at one end of the Forum at level 1 (outside The Oaks Cellar) and another just beyond the entrance from the carpark at B1 (across from Festive Grand Theatre). It’ll help you navigate your way around our sprawling grounds.

Alternatively, you can download it here.

2. A pair of binoculars

Reach optimal levels of sight with a pair of nifty binoculars, included in the explorer’s kit. You never know when you’ll need to scout for clues from far away. Even if not, it looks cool to be equipped with one.

Binoculars in the Explorer Kit

3. A cold dessert

Captain Jack Sparrow indulges in a little bit of rum once in a while. Who can blame him; exploration is a tough cookie to crack, so when you’re done gallivanting, we have the perfect (and kid-friendly) reward: a scoop of smooth, creamy gelato from Boulangerie. You’ll receive the gelato voucher and a certificate upon completion of the hunt.

BONUS: A prize

Here’s another reason why exploring can be so much fun: you’ll also get a chance to win prizes. The top three teams to complete the trail in record time will win the following:

1st Prize: 2D1N stay at Festive Hotel Deluxe Family King Room.

2nd Prize: 4 Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore (2 Adults + 2 Child)

3rd Prize: $60 Fish and Crab Shack Voucher

When: June 9 – June 24, 2012
Time: Any 2 hours between 10am and 4pm daily
Registration Fee: To stand a chance to win the prizes, it costs $18 per explorer (includes a pair of binoculars and ice-cream from Boulangerie). 

The Explorer’s Trail is also open to resort guests.

RWS Invites Explorer Trail is supported by Singtel





To register call 6577-978, email rwsinvites@rwsentosa.com or visit the RWS Invites Service Centre.


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