[INSIGHTS] 3 Horror-lific ways to ace an audition

Jump to scare.

So you’ve always wanted to play Freddy Kreuger from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ series – surely scaring people with a burnt and disfigured face can’t be that difficult? Or perhaps a horror movie scream queen is your thing, one who has the incredible ability to screech on the director’s cue. But there’s a problem – before your big break in showbiz, you must pass this thing called the auditions.

I can't really see, but I'll try my best to scare.

You have seen it on reality TV – candidates trying to leave an impression with the judges. And what better way is there than to leave them petrified with fear? Here are three techniques we picked up from the scare hopefuls at the Halloween Horror Nights 2 audition.

1. Howl like a wolf

Perfect the howl with a picture-perfect pose.

You don’t need a full moon to let out a piercing and gut-wrenching howl. Gather strength, inhale deeply and exhale forcefully with a mounful cry carrying all the angst you can muster, as you make an oval shape with your mouth. Let the force of your feelings send chills down the judges’ spines.

Once perfected, you can use it to scare off would-be assailants too.

2. Do the twist

Backbreaking moves.

The Exorcist (1973) is one of the scariest movies in cinematic history, thanks to the scene where Linda Blair’s character contorts herself and spider-walks down the stairs. Trust us, any candidate who manages to twist his body into strange and unnatural shapes and positions will creep the judges out. Stick out your tongue and waggle it for maximum impact.

But try it in front of the mirror before you perform in front of an audience – you want to look creepy, not comical.

3. Go down on your knees

Kneel and you'll be rewarded.

If all else fails, get on your knees and beg. We jest.

If you can’t look intimidating or creepy, then try to be different. And we don’t think we’ve seen a successful kneeling horror being pulled off yet. And if that failed, you are already in the position to ask for another chance.

Watch the pros do it at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 2 auditions:

Terror will descend on Universal Studios Singapore as Halloween Horror Nights 2 strikes from 8pm to midnight, on 19 to 21 October and 25 to 28 October 2012. For more information, visit our website.


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