[INSIGHTS] 3 DAZZLE-ing Life Lessons with Lu Chen

Life lessons with Lu Chen.

We were expecting someone showier when we got up close and personal with Taiwanese magician Lu Chen. After all, having seen how the 36-year-old wowed audiences in countless YouTube videos, we thought he would be a celebrity as glitzy as his tricks. Instead, we got a man who is as simple and straightforward as they come.

The renowned magician is no stranger in the magic industry, having made international appearances in Japan, Europe and the United States. The Kaoshiung-born had also impressed audiences with high profile performances in Hollywood’s Magic Castle and CCTV’s annual Spring Festival.

All eyes on Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was in town for DAZZLE LU CHEN SINGAPORE 2012, and the original plan of asking him to perform a few tricks became an inspiring session on how magic can make you a better person.

1. Life can be seen from different points of view

There are many perspectives to life.

We see a cup and think it’s no different from any other cup we’ve seen. In Lu Chen’s mind, the cup represents many possibilities. Ever since he began dabbling in magic at a young age of eight, he has always seen things from different perspectives.

He revealed: “If I wanted to use it as a prop for a magic trick, I have to look at a cup in as many ways as possible. In the same way, I approach life from different viewpoints so it will always be interesting.”

2. Life is about being brave

Reaching out.

For most of us mere mortals, speaking and performing in front of a large crowd isn’t exactly an inborn skill. Things are no different for Lu Chen. He remembers being a quiet, shy and introverted kid until he began performing magic to a sea of unknown faces. Last year, he put up his most memorable show in Las Vegas at the Encore Theatre in the Wynn, in front of Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood.

“I knew if I wanted to pursue my passion to perform magic, I had to be courageous and give the audience my best. It’s a form of expression and this is a path I do not regret taking,” he told us.

3. There is no easy way out in life

More than meets the eye.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you can turn off the TV with just a snap of your fingers?  We asked Lu Chen whether he uses magic to make his everyday life more convenient. Without hesitation, he stated firmly that he is not very different from us when it comes to a typical day at home. He reads the newspapers, goes to the gym, surfs the Internet and watches DVDs when he isn’t performing.

In an assuring tone, he said: “I lead a normal life when I am not on stage. I use magic to entertain and enthrall, but when it comes achieving success in life, there is no shortcut.”

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