9 foods to try at Insadong Korea Town based on food preference

insadong korea town entrance

Dining in big groups is an art. It is difficult enough trying to find a food spot to satisfy everyone, but if you have a group of picky eaters, er discerning diners, well… good luck.

Korean food fans though may find the variety at Insadong Korea Town a godsend.

Insadong Korea Town, located at the Waterfront of Resorts World Sentosa, is a Korean-themed food court serving three types of Korean food:

  • traditional Korean
  • Japanese-Korean
  • Chinese-Korean

If we toss in desserts (yum!), that’ll make it four types of Korean food.

For first-timers, we recommend that you order several dishes to share, especially if you have food divas in your midst. Here are our picks to please these 9 picky eaters when dining at Insadong Korea Town.

#1 For those who love food that makes them beautiful

Insadong Korea Town Nourishing ginseng chicken soup ($29)
Recommendation: Nourishing ginseng chicken soup ($29)

For collagen drinkers and those on a quest for eternal youth, order the nourishing ginseng chicken soup. This soup includes a chicken stuffed with rice.

The soup that comes along is clear but you can pour in the evaporated milk (adapted from the original almond milk used in Korea) to give it a smooth milky taste.

The chicken is cooked until tender and is tasty on its own. When you break open the chicken to release the rice, you get a filling bowl of Teochew Porridge-like dish with cooked rice grains in a delicious broth.

#2 For the cheeseburger lover

insadong korea town beef bulgogi baked rice
Recommendation: Beef bulgogi baked rice (S$15)

For those who love cheeseburgers, get the beef bulgogi baked rice. This dish has a layer of melted cheese with beef on a bed of rice.

Rice and bread are carbs while beef and hamburger are the protein so it’s pretty much like a burger.

Though texture-wise, the baked rice isn’t like a cheeseburger, the melted and crusty cheese gives the rice a savoury crunch.

#3 For the pasta lover

Insadong Korea town pumpkin spaghetti
Recommendation: Pumpkin spaghetti [Carbonara spaghetti in pumpkin sauce (S$14)]
Try the innovative pumpkin spaghetti. Spaghetti is drenched in creamy, pumpkin sauce which has the texture of salted egg yolk sauce–slightly salty with a touch of graininess. The bacon bits garnishing the dish give it a nice salty crunch.

#4 For the hotpot glutton

Insadong Korea Town Mushroom Bulgogi
Recommendation: Family-sized Mushroom Bulgogi (2 or more to share for S$36, +S$4 for meat of your choice)

Double or triple portions, no problem? Then check out the family-sized Mushroom Beef Hotpot, with portions enough to serve three adults. The dish comes with an overflowing serving of meat, mushrooms, vegetables and noodles.

#5 For the undecided

Insadong Korea Town Napa Wrap with Bossam
Recommendation: Napa wraps with pork (Small $15 Large $25)

Torn between having a healthy serving of greens and the succulent meat dish? Get both with the Napa wraps with pork, a traditional Korean dish that you eat by wrapping the thick slices of pork and the sides in lettuce and dipping it in the sauce before popping it in your mouth.

#6 For kimchi lovers

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi soup
Recommendation: Xiao long bao in Kimchi soup (S$13)

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi soup marries traditional Chinese soup dumplings with Kimchi soup. Soup-ception!

The sourness of the Kimchi soup makes tunes up the sweet stock inside the Xiao Long Bao.

#7 For dessert-ers

Recommendation: Gelato and mixed fruit bingsu (S$12)
Recommendation: Gelato and mixed fruit bingsu (S$12)

The perfect ending to a hot day and a hot meal. The mixed fruit shaved ice comes with a towering hill of ice that is laid with fruits such as strawberry, mango and kiwi.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream tops the dish. You can even convince yourself that it’s healthy with the amount of fruits on it.

#8 For Asian dessert-lovers

insadong redbean-pancake
Recommendation: Red bean pancake (S$7.80)

A popular Korean street food in winter, the hoddeok (sweet red bean paste pancake) is similar to the fried pancake served as the last dish at Chinese banquets. The skin is crispy with chewy dough and sweet red bean paste.

#9  For those who wants both fruits and alcohol

Recommendation: Watermelon soju
Insadong Korea Town watermelon soju

A cocktail of watermelon juice with soju (a Korean alcoholic beverage) served in a carved out melon. Scoop out the cocktail into tin cups that look like little water pails to share with your friends.

Be generous with the soju so that your drink tastes like alcoholic fruit punch and not watermelon juice.


Have you been to Insadong Korea Town? Which was your favourite dish?



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