RWS Street Eats 2018 x ieatishootipost: strawberry and satay Summer Roll?

On 9 August 2018, we celebrated Singapore’s 53rd National Day at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) by collaborating with renowned local food blogger Dr Leslie Tay ( to unveil a ‘Singapore Shiok Summer Roll’ at the opening of RWS Street Eats 2018. Along with over 20 iconic Southeast Asian dishes from around the region, this unique fusion dish is available exclusively at RWS till 19 August 2018.

ieatishootipost in Vietnam

It all began when Dr Leslie made a trip to Ho Chi Minh City to meet with Vietnamese celebrity chef Steven Long earlier this year. There, he immersed himself in Vietnamese street food culture and learnt from Chef Steven the art of making Vietnamese Summer Rolls.

The goal? To come up with a Singapore-inspired variant of the dish in celebration of the nation’s 53rd National Day at RWS Street Eats 2018.

ieatishootipost at RWS Street Eats 2018

RWS Street Eats 2018

On the opening day of RWS Street Eats 2018, Dr Leslie shared with the media and winners of a fan contest his experiences in Vietnam. Thereafter, he unveiled the recipe for his version of the Summer Roll – the Singapore Shiok Summer Roll – and even demonstrated to those present how to make it.

RWS Street Eats 2018
Dr Leslie is widely recognized as an expert in street food and a good cook himself. It was no wonder that his ‘Singapore Shiok Summer Roll’ received praise from Chef Steven.

RWS Street Eats 2018
Those present were lucky enough to be among the first to taste it.

RWS Street Eats 2018
Many of Dr Leslie’s fans took the chance to snap selfies with him.

RWS Street Eats 2018
One fan even came all the way down just for Dr Leslie’s autograph!

ieatishootipost’s Singapore Shiok Summer Roll

How exactly is the Singapore Shiok Summer Roll different from the Vietnamese Summer Roll? Two things stand out.

Instead of using bland boiled pork belly, Dr Leslie came up with the idea of using satay pork belly. Pork belly fat melts during the grilling process, making the meat extremely juicy, tender and shiok (Singaporean colloquialism for ‘satisfying’). It is for this reason that Dr Leslie named his creation the Singapore Shiok Summer Roll.

RWS Street Eats 2018

Dr Leslie then came up with the idea of placing strawberry slices next to the rice vermicelli to resemble Singapore’s national flag. It sounds strange, but the mild acidity and floral aroma of the strawberries cut through the richness of the grilled pork, making the two an unlikely combination that actually works!

Try the Singapore Shiok Summer Roll for yourself (limited quantities daily!)

Singapore Shiok Summer Rolls by Dr Leslie Tay
S$6 for 2 pieces
Limited to 50 servings per day
Exclusively at RWS Street Eats 2018
Malaysian Food Street, Resorts World Sentosa
9 – 19 August 2018 only


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