#HumansofRWS: Aizuddin, Lifeguard(ian)

Muhammad Aizuddin bin Abdul Halim from Adventure Cove Waterpark, was one of the winners at the Singapore Tourism Award 2017, considered Singapore’s most prestigious awards in the industry.

He won ‘Best Customer Service for Attractions’, which did not come as a surprise to his supervisor Edmond Quah who nominated him for the award. Aizuddin has consistently received compliments from guests for the past three years and has gone the extra mile to help everyone, guests and team mates alike.

Edmond recalls: “Once, he used his own personal time to help take care of five of our hospitalised lifeguards involved in a serious car accident. That dedication has come from his own initiative.”

We had a little chat with Aizuddin to find out what makes him, him.

Muhammad Aizuddin bin Abdul Halim (in blue) is described as cute and cuddly and like a brother to all by his fellow lifeguards.

I am… the Team Manager of Aquatic Safety at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

My job is… to run operations for Adventure Cove Waterpark. This includes ensuring safety in the park and attending to medical emergencies.

I joined Resorts World Sentosa in… 2011 when Adventure Cove Waterpark was still being built.

I chose to be a lifeguard because… I understand the importance of water safety and I feel that this is the job where I can make the most difference in someone’s life.

I am motivated by… guests leaving at the end the day with smiles on their faces.

My most memorable moment is… when I dived into the Rainbow Reef to help a guest look for his missing dentures, which was a present from his wife. It took me 20 minutes to find it. The pure joy and gratitude on the guest’s face made me realised that what seemed ordinary and replaceable might hold much more importance and sentiment to a guest.

We keep prepared by… simulating an emergency at least eight times a month. This is to test our response times during an emergency.

When they hear “CODE MANTA!”, Aizuddin and his team lifeguards spring into action.
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