How to survive Halloween Horror Nights 3

If you survived the first two installments of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Resorts World Sentosa and think HHN 3 would be a walk in the theme park, you’d be in for a surprise.

More nights (from seven nights to 10), longer witching hours (from four to six), more ScareActors (from 350 to 400) await you at HHN3. You better come prepared.


We can’t guarantee your survival with this last minute patched-up guide but it’ll give you a fighting chance.

1. Get the Express Pass

You want to be freaked out by ScareActors, not the queue. We are expecting waves of thrill seekers over the 10 nights.

Another good thing about getting an Express Pass: you could minimise the chances of getting spooked by actors in the line. Or get the Frequent Fear Pass if going through hell once isn’t enough for you.

2. Come with friends

This is a no brainer really. Who would want to face all six scare zones and haunted houses alone? Unless your death wish is a one-way ticket to the depths of hell.

3. Don’t freak out

This is akin to telling Einstein to stop being so brilliant or asking Justin Bieber to so being so annoying,  but it’s really the most useful tip. Our scare actors are trained to smell fear, so if you show them your weakness, boy, will they latch on to you like a leech from hell.

4. Don’t drink too much water

You know what usually happens in toilets right?

5. Don’t run, even when being chased

Not exactly what we have, but close enough.
Not exactly what we have, but close enough.

While running is a good way to get away from ghouls, we don’t recommend it as it could get quite dark at some areas. Don’t run from a pseudo threat into a real one, like the wall.

Anyway, our ScareActors won’t bite, unless you meet a real bloodsucker. Alternatively, you can also head to the chill-out zone at Sci-Fi City, which allows guests to take a break in between scares.

6. You cannot run. But you can hide

Thankfully for the faint hearted, there are still many places in USS to hide. Nine of our rides, shows and attractions such as Shrek 4-D Adventure and TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle remain open throughout the night.

7. Dress appropriately

Wear comfortably and do not dress yourself up like a ScareActor. You are there to experience the terror, not be the terror. Know your role. Plus, if you are in costume, you can’t get in.

8. Watch horror movies

You could numb yourself by watching horror films on repeat but we’d prefer you to try to learn when a ghost will jump at you.

9. Pop a motion sickness pill

While this might be an over exaggeration, it’s to your advantage to know that there’s a haunted house named Adrift, a storm-battered ship adrift since 1910. Its set is so impressive that it mimics the effects of being onboard a ghost ship. We are not sure whether barf bags are provided.

10. Pray, hard

We are praying for you.

This is self-explanatory. We will be praying for you too.

Get your HHN3 tickets here. Or extend your experience with a staycation. See you on the other side, if you make it out alive.

[Update 5 August 2014: You can buy tickets for HHN4 now.]
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