Rockin’ back to Hard Rock Hotel

Following our review of family-friendly Festive Hotel, let’s take a walk on the wild side and look at uber-sleek Hard Rock Hotel.

The rock-star life ain’t easy, which is why Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is decked out to cater to your inner rock-star.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa

Here are three big reasons (and a few mini ones) why Hard Rock Hotel is the place for a star like you.

1. The Suites are sweet

If there’s one thing that we love about Hard Rock Hotel, it’s the design of the suites. There is so much ample space (for you to rock out with your friends) and the furniture is luxe, comfy and decked out in psychedelic colours.  Quintessentially Rock-and-Roll, lounging in any one of the arm chairs made us feel like we’re holding court at a Rolling Stone interview.

Hard Rock Hotel -Deluxe Suite

2. The Beach Pool

Ah, the beach pool at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. If you’ve seen the pictures of our RWS Invites sampler event Splash! Liquid Buffet, you’d probably understand how the first ever beach pool in Singapore oozes rock star lifestyle.  But it’s equally amazing in the day, especially when the sun is out full force – it’s all bright, crystal clear waters and children on sunny beach holidays.

Hard Rock Hotel pool - night and day

Do note that the pool closes at 8pm, so should you want to take a night-time dip, make a splash before then to avoid disappointment.

3. A restaurant to satisfy your tummy and sweet tooth

If you’re hungry, Sessions, the restaurant at the lobby of the hotel, serves seafood dishes and desserts.

Sessions Resorts World Sentosa


Additional comfort 1: State of the art entertainment system

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore iPod dock multiplayer

You’re never too far from your music, even when you’re on the road. Make this a home away from home by plugging-in to your favourite songs while you let your weary bones rest.

And while it sounds great to rock out all night, do bear in mind that your neighbor might be a fellow resting superstar, so do try to keep late night solo concerts to a quiet minimum!

Additional comfort 2: Star quality bathrooms

There’s nothing like a rain shower to wash away the grime of a long day; bath time also got more convenient with the shower gel dispenser installed right in the stall for easy access. To up the backstage diva factor a notch, all bathrooms come fitted with a lighted vanity mirror that got us all hopping in girly delight.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - Bathroom
It comes with your very own guitar (bath product) case too.

And why should rock stars do any more work than necessary? The two-way wardrobe understands this philosophy; now there’s no need to decide on your outfit before heading in for a shower. Simply open it while you’re still inside your bathroom to rifle through your threads and accessories.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore - Two-way wardrobe
No it’s not a portal to Narnia, but it’s pretty magical nonetheless.

Remember to close the wardrobe from the other end to avoid a drafty cold though, or you’ll step out of the shower shivering.


Find out more information and booking details for Hard Rock Hotel Singapore enquiries and bookings. For all F&B reservations, kindly call +65 6577 8888.

[Updated 28 Feb 2017 with information of Sessions]

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